ADHD is not a disease !

ADHD is not a disease !

Most scientists argue that ADHD is a disease that must be controlled with medication. There is a psychologist Laura Batstra of Groningen University who totally disagrees.

She can not stand the fact that children with ADHD behavior hear they have diseased brains and need medications. Science plays according to her a bad role.

Batstra opposes the promotion of drugs. “With age, it ADHD behavior disappears in 80 percent of patients.”

Nothing wrong

“Often it’s about children that daydream in the classroom who cannot be busy all day and cannot sit still,” she told De Volkskrant.

“With these children is often nothing to worry about, but schools are evaluated on their achievements and get into trouble if they have too many of those children.”

The school says to the parents to give their child medication or send their child to another school.

No illness

“That says more about the pressure that is on schools to perform well over the behavior of children,” said Batstra.

She emphasized that ADHD is not a disease. “There is no organic defect,” she explains. “Period.”

ADHD is a behavior that is perceived as a problem in society. “No illness, but behavior,” she adds.

Pharmaceutical industry

Brain scientists say that there are differences between the brains of people with and without ADHD.

But Batstra notes that serious exaggerate or distort the results. “For me, science is playing a dubious role.”

Scientists and experts say that ADHD is a brain disease have ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

source: volkskrant