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  • 2007

    Founding Year

  • 2023

    Launch Year

The Lion

The lion symbolizes strength and courage. The lion is a symbol of royalty and nobility. The lion represents power and leadership. The lion is a symbol of wisdom and intellect. The lion signifies confidence and determination. The lion signifies strength and boldness. This is Lions Ground.

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Luctor et Emergo

Heathcliff was born and raised in the Netherlands. This might seem like a strange place to grow up if you had never traveled there, but there are actually more lions here than anywhere else in Europe. His home province even has a lion as its coat of arms!

He stands for justice. He is the epitome of honesty and at times, this can make him unpopular — but he doesn’t care because he believes it’s the right thing to do. He is independent, even though being that way isn’t always easy. And Lions Ground didn’t form just so he could be a leader, but because of his passion to create an environment where others can join a cause.

He is loyal to those who treat him with respect. It’s easy to say that this describes Heathcliff but words can only go so far; Heathcliff lives by these words and acts in accordance with them in his life.

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The platform

We fact-check, we attack the lies, we defend the truth. We are Lions Ground. We are one of tomorrow’s go-to social networking platforms for political discourse and intellectual debate for stories the big social media companies label as borderline content.

We gather news and fact-check it. Then, if it’s fake news, we attack it with the truth. If it’s real news, we defend it with the truth. We’re a platform for people to share stories around their passions and interests.

People have been getting fed up with social media platforms, especially due to its unethical practices and privacy concerns. They don’t feel safe on it anymore. One site that’s trying to give a run for its money is

Lions Ground is a social networking platform that serves as a refuge from the infighting and hostilities of the rest of the internet. Lion’s Ground is for those who are interested in conspiracy theories, true stories about serial killers, UFOs, and more.

Lions Ground is built to connect you with people whom you can relate to and possibly befriend.

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On bended Knee is no Way to be Free

Lions Ground is an unapologetic group of lions. Lions that defend, sue, and attack. We have no qualms about who we defend. We will never turn our backs on the voiceless because it’s not popular to help them.

At Lions Ground, we have a no nonsense mentality. We are straight to the point, and don’t believe in wasting time. Honor, honesty and justice guide our decisions. If you’re looking for unfairness and injustice, look elsewhere.

There is no place for those low hyenas in our community. We are righteous that thrives on honor. If you have been wronged by someone, let us know!

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