Learn how to know you’re not watching fake news. Basic fact check to help you to spot red flags to determine it is the truth or disinformation. I have an interesting article with tips on how to recognize fake UFO videos that you can read after watching “5 Red Flags You Should Never Ignore on Conspiracy Content”

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Fake news is misleading information with the goal to make money or to influence public opinion. This form of disinformation is not without dangers. Disinformation is when there is an intentional publication of false information, and misinformation is when the publisher accidentally makes a mistake. Publishers are punished for their mistakes by their reader/viewer by being classified as fake news in the comment section but that is incorrect.

If people are not aware of the red flags, fake news can be a danger, especially if it plays with emotions and fear. Here’s an example: [timestamp]. In fact, fake news has ensured that YouTube’s algorithm has become stricter that sometimes accidentally suppress real news and reliable content. This is called a false positive.

The internet is the open source where anyone, who has access to the internet, can gain information and publish information, but unfortunately, there are people who deliberately post disinformation. From innocent April Fool’s Day hoaxes to heavy disinformation.

You have seen a ghost or a UFO video that you think is fake, but nowadays it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish fake with real because visual manipulation technology is becoming more advanced and cheaper. These types of people are called hoaxers. They learn on YouTube how the software such as Adobe After Effects works.

“5 Red Flags You Should Never Ignore on Conspiracy Content” helps you easily distinguish fake with real with simple and logical tips.