‘2PAC Is Alive’ Serial Hoaxer Icini Studios Michael Nice Exposed

'2PAC Is Alive' Serial Hoaxer Icini Studios' Michael Nice Exposed

Icini Studios is a YouTube channel related to the rap star icon Tupac Shakur aka 2PAC. The channel is guilty of fabricating stories claiming to have proof the rapper is alive. In this article we present to you the facts.

Icini Studios joined YouTube on July 23, 2006, and has more than 220 videos and 23 million lifetime views. In the latest series of videos, an old man can be seen called Michael Nice.

The Tupac related channel Icini Studios and Michael Nice together promise in the video title that they will show proof 2PAC is alive but don’t deliver time and time again, also known as clickbaiting.

Why does the hoaxer repeatedly use the phrase ‘2Pac is alive’? Because it’s a very hot phrase to use.

Nipsey Hussle : Update

Nipsey Hussle is exploited by a fake whistleblower of pharmaceutical industry. It’s Michael Nice, the 2pac is alive hoaxer on Icini Studios. Michael Nice continues as Tony on the channel Jimmy Poole.

2PAC is alive

Throughout the video collection, the YouTube channel love to use the trendy search phrase ‘2PAC is alive’ regardless the content is not related to the search term. Conclusion, out of 220 videos 147 videos have the search phrase in the title. That’s a lot of evidence the rapper is alive.

The phrase ‘2Pac Alive’ is searched monthly between the 1,000 to 10,000 times on Google with a bid of at least € 1.30 to € 7.65. Google trends tells the phrase is rising again to understand the motive of the hoaxer. Combine that with the clickbait titles you can generate beautiful monthly income based on lies.

2PAC photo hoax

'2PAC Is Alive' Serial Hoaxer Icini Studios' Michael Nice Exposed
The copyright owner confirms they are not affiliated with the hoaxer.

The video claims that Michael Nice has photographic evidence that 2PAC is alive. In the video where is claimed that the video will show smoking gun evidence the rapper is still alive, Nice pulls out a self printed photo displaying three people.

“I’ve got proof and evidence this is a copy of the picture as a copy I’ve got the original safe with my barristers and legal team if anything should happen to me that picture will be released,” says Nice.

In reality, the photo was stolen from the nonprofit global wilderness school NOLS. This first appeared on the official Instagram account of NOLS not on the YouTube channel of Icini Studios. The channel can discredit this fact by showing the original photo with date, which he can’t.

“It’s mad disrespectful to you and to 2pac…I commented on his video and let him know I made him,” says most likely the photographer to the person, who is labeled by the hoaxer as 2PAC, Will Bunten Wamaru.

When the lie was exposed by Lions Ground and other YouTubers the hoaxer reacted defensively.

“You never mention why the fake photo was put out? The press tracked down nice and agents wanted to intercept the real evidence. Nice had a plan and once again outfoxed the agents.And lastly you never mention Nice’s panther connection Veronza Bowers, hes doing more for the panthers than you bro and he’s white,” says Icini Studios.

We have asked Veronza’s legal defense Mr. Garfield and youngest sister Mrs. Rhonda Woodruff Jones for comment.

Mike Tyson Hoax

Mike Tyson Hoax - Icini StudiosIn a video of August 6, it is claimed that Mike Tyson has left a voice message. In the video, description and title it is made very clear.

But when he was confronted, the YouTube channel Icini Studios admitted it is a hoax.

“The phone convo was a fun video, That’s what someone sent into us. We thought we would put it out anyway because it was entertaining. Likely a prank by someone,” says Icini Studios.


Tabloids like The Sun refer to a statement by Michael Nice to TMZ. “Michael previously told TMZ: Why you think nobody been arrested if they said they the one that killed Tupac?”

Michael Nice stole this from Suge Knight. In 2014, Knight told TMZ that Tupac was actually alive, saying, “Why you think nobody been arrested if they said they the one that killed Tupac? Because Tupac not dead. If he was dead, they’d be arresting those dudes for murder. You know he’s somewhere smoking a Cuban cigar on an island.Watch video below.

Private plane claim

In the video it is claimed Michael Nice provided real evidence of Tupac’s escape and finally reveals his whole involvement in the escape plot and exactly what happened that night in Vegas.

You quickly discover that no evidence is shown. It is just a video of Vegas and the inside of a plane that does not confirm the claims of Nice with factual evidence. The video received fierce criticism by his viewers.



If you go through the entire video archive of the infamous YouTube channel, you quickly come to the conclusion that it is about a serial hoaxer, a person who distributes misleading and false information for money.

People who have doubts about the content are labeled as a cointle agent. This is a desperate attempt to ridicule and dispute the facts.

When a channel is being dissed by its own viewers you know the channel is not clean.

Icini Studios aka Michael Nice hoaxer confirmed.


No videos

On September 27, 2018 all the content of this hoaxer suddenly were unavailable.

He told Lions Ground the videos were censored. But a few days later the hoax videos have been set to public again.

He deleted his comment under LG’s video to clean up his tracks.

Update 12/26/2018

On December 24, 2018, Michael Nice threatened Lions Ground on Facebook. This is a miracle because, on December 21, 2018, he declared his own death on the YouTube channel ‘Icini Studios’. In case the alleged video has been deleted click here.

The zombie Michael Nice said on Facebook: “For your information, Mr Ground. I don’t appreciate your interference with my business in regards to the Tupac theory behind his disappearance from the open world. I certainly know he wouldn’t take a liking to your attempts to send my care for his legacy into a path of destruction and complete obliteration which you intend on doing. So if I was in your position, I’d back off real soon, my noble enemy, save me a favour.”

He hoaxed his death.