2PAC Alive in Malaysia Hoax – Suge Jacob Knight Debunked


Is 2PAC in Malaysia? No, the video publication is a hoax. The son of former CEO Death Row Records Suge Knight has been caught lying.

On his Instagram account, he is posting stories with the claim that the rapper Tupac Shakur is alive.

For the sake of clarity, believing that 2pac is alive is not the same as claiming that he is alive.

On October 4, Knight distributes a video claiming he has received the video from his sources from Malaysia.

“Updated video from Malaysia source #killuminati,” says Suge Jacob Knight.


With the Instagram post above Knight suggests that he is alive but in fact, this video originates from another source.

The original video is probably an audition video for the movie “All Eyez On Me”. Watch the original video below.


Because Suge Jacob Knight deliberately placed the infamous video on Instagram with the claim that he received this from his sources from Malaysia, he is a hoaxer.

The likelihood a hoaxer is going to prove the rap icon 2PAC is still alive is very small.