X-Files creator: “I thought the production would be shut down by the feds, too close to the truth”

X-Files creator:

“I thought the production would be shut down by the FBI, too close to the truth”. Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files, was worried that the production of the hit series X-Files would be stopped by the FBI . A mysterious man told him he was too close to the truth.

“When the series was just on TV, someone came up to me and said he worked for a secret government agency and we were very close to the truth”.

“When I wrote the pilot episode, I called on the FBI to investigate”, he continued. “They were nice, but did not want to talk about it too much.”

Free Energy

“When we were about to broadcast the episode, I was contacted by the FBI:” Who are you and what do you do? “I thought for a moment that the production would be halted by the long arm of the law”, said Carter.

The iconic series is back on TV for the first time in 14 years again. There will be all kinds of subjects such as alien life, false flag operations, paranormal phenomena, free energy, secret technology, reverse engineering and kidnappings.


Even Stranger

The X-Files aired between 1993 and 2002 more than 200 episodes in total, spread over nine seasons. The series was a great success worldwide and won 16 Emmy Awards, five Golden Globes and numerous other awards.

“Last year i met a scientist from Asia who invented this. Free energy from waves coming from space. A metal stick (antenna) is enough to generate energy for an entire apartment complex. The Dutch company Philips from Eindhoven is known buying inventions in order to hush these inventions down. If the inventor does not want to sell it they will go over to plan b. Although this claims the scientist. The scientist is currently hiding.”

“The world has become even stranger during the long break of 14 years, so it is the perfect time to tell these stories”, Carter said. The series is about two FBI agents, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, doing research on mysterious business, so-called X-Files, where the FBI not know how to cope. From crop circles to government conspiracies that reveals the presence of aliens on Earth.

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  • Mike Dymski

    pretty cool

    • Thank you for time and comment @mikedymski:disqus

  • Tim Teutul Jr

    Could have been anything…WHY is it every time people speculate what it could be..COULD be a number of thing’s ..It always baffles me that people produce grainy out of focus blurred footage..Kind of like these STUPID!!!! Big foot shows ..ALL the technology in the world and they’ve YET to get ” ONE!! ” clear picture…LMAO…People will believe anything now a days… SMH!!

  • Kali Kona

    Looked like a Goose to me.

  • Enki’s Daughter

    where is the source for this, where did he say this? I googled “I thought the production would be shut down by the FBI, too close to the truth” but the only entries that show up are weird conspiracy websites

    • You need to contact the producer. That’s the source.

      • Enki’s Daughter

        did you get those statements directly from him?

        • Those are his official statements. If you are in any doubts contact Chris Carter.

          • Enki’s Daughter

            well did you just copy these statements from other websites or did you receive them from the source?

          • Enki’s Daughter

            Okay, googled it again (“chris carter” + “too close to the truth”) and the original interview with Huffington Post came up: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/x-files-return-new-episodes_us_569faea1e4b0a7026bf9bc29

            All the conspiracy websites arrange the statements slightly different from the original interview and off context to make a sensationalist story out of it. To the Huffington Post he said “And for a second, I thought it was going to be the long arm of the law coming in to shut me down.” but then “They became unofficial fans [of the ‘X-Files’]. And as a member of the FBI Citizens Academy, I’ve had a chance to shoot many a firearm with the FBI. I got to shoot a few rounds at the firing range at FBI headquarters in Washington.”

            I’m all about getting the truth out there too and many conspiracy theories ring true to me but yellow press methods like this are self-defeating. I’m also sure the HuffPost isn’t high level journalism but copying statements from them in an even more nonjournalistic manner is even less brilliant.

          • We are not interested what conspiracy sites are writing.
            Now if you look at the bottom of the article you see the source has been mentioned. This could safe you a lot of precious time.