Mysterious X-37B unmanned spacecraft feeds conspiracy theories

X-37B unmanned spacecraft

The US Air Force will launch next month for the fourth time the mysterious space plane X-37B. Why do they want this spacecraft or space plane in space?

On May 20, an Atlas V launch vehicle (a Boeing production) will bring the craft into space from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The last flights were in April 2010, March 2011 and December 2012. The last mission lasted 675 days.

The activities of the new mission remains secret. Which of the two X-37B aircraft of the Air Force will be used, is also not disclosed. however did confirm that there include experimented with a new propulsion system and materials are being studied in space.

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Taking down Satellites

The mysterious nature of the mission is fodder for conspiracy theorists. According to some, X-37B sophisticated equipment on board is to keep an eye on certain regions such as the Middle East and other sensitive geopolitical regions.

An aircraft can move faster than a satellite, are the thoughts.

Others claim that certain X-37B can disable satellites. That would not go unnoticed because other countries can easily follow the space plane.

Or is the US government telling the truth: They only test technology in space?