Wikileaks: Sony disgusting emails and power leaked!

Wikileaks: Sony disgusting emails and power leaked!

The general manager of Sony said that the Middle East is a huge mess. He also said that the US would let them slaughter each other if Israel was not in the region. This is evident from emails published by Wikileaks. You can also watch the video edition here.

The whistleblower website published last week hundreds of thousands of documents and e-mails from the electronics giant Sony online. The organization believes that the information should be public, because Sony has a lot of political influence.

Military-industrial complex

The 30.287  documents and 173.132 emails shows that Sony is not an entertainment company, but an influential multinational company with ties to the White House, influence on American politics and ties with the military-industrial complex.

There are more to read emails that director Michael Lynton wrote in response to an article in the Washington Post in 2014 about Syria Obama policy. A family member sent the article to Lynton and below the text ‘Brilliant’. “Let them slaughter each other but” responded Lynton. “That whole area is a giant mess. If Israel was not there, we would have them killing each other and wait until the dust settles. ”


“We do not need the oil,” he wrote on. “You know what. Let them killing each other around the Jewish state and over the leftovers after they have exhausted themselves. ”

The e-mails from Lynton that he regularly participates in meetings aimed at pro-Israeli policy. In August 2013 he visited the house of Israel-born American actress Natalie Portman to discuss the Israeli conflict. The meeting was organized by Jeremy Ben-Ami, the chairman of the pro-Israel political group J Street.

The day after the meeting Portman Lynton sent an email with links to ‘accurate reporting about Israel and Judaism. ”


A few months later, in February 2014, Lynton had “intimate dinner at the home of producer Arnon Milchan Israel. Among the guests was among more Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Lynton showed his connections to exert political influence and spread his pro-Israel beliefs.

In June 2014 Lynton spoke with Richard Stengel of the US State Department about a collaboration between Washington and Hollywood. They wanted to include Ben Affleck and Shonda Rhimes committed to the project. Lynton wanted Natalie Portman  ‘because she had just made a film in Israel and there is very involved. ”

This is the smoking gun proof the Illuminati is real. They always say Hollywood is Evil, you have to sell your soul. What more evidence do you need to be awakened? The Illuminati Exist!

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