WikiLeaks: Mountain high new disclosures about Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's wars, arms, oil, Google, the US elections and widespread state supervision

WikiLeaks: Mountain high new disclosures about Hillary Clinton

Julian Assange, the founder of whistleblower website WikiLeaks, announced during a video conference disclosures about Hillary Clinton and the elections in the US for November 8.

Last month, Assange already explained to Fox channel that he has documents which would cause damage to the campaign of Democratic of the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In March, an e-mail by Clinton is made public to an unknown recipient. She talked about the need to overthrow the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Clinton also put in the mail in detail how Israel can neutralize the “Iranian threat” if Assad is deposed.

Later another 19,000 emails were leaked in which the administration of the Democratic Party discuss how they sabotage Bernie Sanders campaign.

Islamic State

WikiLeaks also released documents about a quite shadowy French company that is linked to Hillary Clinton and terrorist group Islamic State (IS). The documents reveal that the French cement giant Lafarge is buying oil from ISIS and payed tax to the terror group for years.

Clinton sat on the board of Lafarge and was doing since the eighties business with the company. The cement company helped to supply the CIA weapons to Saddam Hussein. 2013 CEO of Lafarge Eric Olsen was attended the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative.

In exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation, Lafarge was gave permission to help in the reconstruction of Iraq. Hillary gave Lafarge in 2000 the assignment to invest in oil. The oil was purchased from shadowy rebel groups. In this way, the cement giant financed ISIS.

Clinton cartel

“Hillary Clinton was the director of a company that did business with IS,” tweeted Wikileaks.

She worked for a company that IS financed and WikiLeaks has proven that. The big question is what happens next, writes the Conservative Daily Mail. The woman who has supported so many terrorist organizations for personal gain is about to take over the US. “As Donald Trump says Clinton is the co-founder of IS, he is absolutely right.”

We can no longer sit on our ass, says the site. We must continue to ask questions and expose the corrupt woman. Together we can destroy the Clinton cartel.


Monday website reported that Clinton, when she was Secretary of State, would have suggested at a meeting with her staff to launch a drone strike on Assange in November 2010.

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Assange also said, WikiLeaks needs an army to defend itself against the increasing external pressure, especially the next three months. A complete disclosure on her wars, arms, oil, Google, the US elections and widespread state supervision. The revelations will ‘hit three organizations in three states’.

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