Which Presidential Candidate Stood With Standing Rock?

who stood with stand rock
Peaceful protestors have been shot at, pepper-sprayed, and more.

Out of the four 2016 presidential candidates of America, Dr. Jill Stein was the only candidate who stood with Standing Rock against the Dakota Access pipeline. She has walked with them, prayed with them and even vandalized a destruction machine in the name of them. However, Standing Rock didn’t seem to have the same support from America’s two major presidential candidates. Did Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ever stand with Standing Rock or tread on top?

Donald Trump treads in murky waters, and though he doesn’t get his shoes dirty, he’s had his foot in the pipeline for a while. Not only does Trump hold stock in Energy Transfer Partners, the building company of the Dakota Access pipeline, but the CEO of ETP donated over one hundred thousand dark dollars all together to the Trump campaign, a Trump support committee, and the RNC.

While peaceful protestors have been arrested and tear gassed due to this pipeline, reality TV star and America’s 45th President, Donald Trump has benefited from it.

who stood with stand rock
Peaceful protestors have been shot at, pepper-sprayed, and more.

Hillary Clinton treads with a bit more stealth, leaving close to no dirty laundry. The Keystone XL pipeline was one of Clinton’s first decisions to make as secretary of state. As an advocate of global warming, most thought she’d go against it. But she couldn’t go against it when the Canadian Imperial Bank and the TD bank, the leading investors of the pipeline, paid the Clintons two hundred million murky dollars for pointless speeches.

That was Keystone, this is Dakota – has anything changed?

Energy Transfer Partners have been funded by Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase & CO. And Goldman Sachs, to name a few. These are all Clinton Foundation donors who have each donated over hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton’s.

While the protestors and various tribes are dogged down and shot at with rubber bullets, Hillary Clinton has benefited greatly.

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who stood with standing rock
Trump and Clinton have both profited from DAPL while others have suffered.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have not only taken no stand against this violation of human rights and sacred land, but they have directly profited off of it. If money has already proven to be more precious than human rights to Trump and Clinton, how could we have ever trusted either one of them to be our Commander in Chief?