Where is Jesus buried? Jesus is buried in Jerusalem and not alone!

Where is Jesus buried?

Where is Jesus buried? Is Jesus buried and if so, is Jesus buried in Jerusalem together with his wife and son? I recommend to read the news article: Did Jesus Exist?

An Israeli geologist claims to have found the tomb of Jesus and his son were in Jerusalem. After 150 tests,  Simcha Jacobovici and geoarcheoloog Aryeh Shimron achieved a scientific breakthrough, they said.

In 1980, with construction work in Talpiot, a neighborhood of the city of Jerusalem, a rock tomb was discovered where possible Jesus of Nazareth was interred. In the grave were located ten limestone bone boxes.

According to Dr. Shimron was the “Son of God” buried along with nine others, including Judas son of Jesus and Mary. The caskets bones were found. One of the so-called ossuaries has the inscription “Jesus son of Joseph.” Other inscriptions read: Mary, Joseph, Matthew, Mariamne e Mara, Judas son of Jesus.

Although Joseph, Mary and Jesus at that time were common names, a very small portion of people the same surname. In 2002, resurfaced in Jerusalem, an ossuary that was bought by a collector on the black market, on which the inscription was made by James son of Joseph brother of Jesus.

After a cursory investigation commission concluded that the words brother of Jesus were made later and that it would therefore be a forgery. Other researchers, in 2006, were of the opinion that the inscription was completely authentic.

Recently dr. Shimron accessed this box and he discovered that the object like the other ossuaries were covered with a thick layer rendzina, a soil type that occurs among others in the hills of East Jerusalem.

According to Dr. Shimron’s the tomb was filled with soil and mud in the year 363 after an earthquake. Ground material which has been found in the box corresponds to material that is found in the other ossuaria, suggesting that it is authentic.

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The duo is aware that the results can cause a stir among Christians. Because there are bones found in the boxes, it seems that the resurrection story is incorrect.

But i want to add: Resurrection of his soul, not his body.

The tomb in Talpiot is now complete and the ossuaries that have been found in the hands of the Israeli Antiquities Authority.

Where is Jesus buried?

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