The Cassini Space probe has made a crystal clear photo of propellers in the middle of the A-ring of Saturn. These are minor disturbances in the rings of Saturn. 

The disturbances are caused by a tiny dwarf moon. One of the biggest and most famous propellers is the Bleriot propeller.

This disturbance is caused by a dwarf moon with a diameter of about one hundred meters. The propeller, which looks like a type of twin-screw, is a few kilometers tall.

Astronomers believe that thousands of mini-dwarf moons can only find in the A-ring that make propellers.

On the new Cassini picture, there are countless things to see.

The photo was taken on April 19th. The resolution is 385 meters per pixel. All these propellers are therefore a few kilometers long. Scientists use the photo to determine how big these mini moons are and to re-calculate the distribution of these objects around Saturn.

Cassini is currently working on his ‘Grand Finale’. During this part of the mission, the probe dives 22 times between Saturn and its rings. The first dive flights have already been completed and have produced close-up images of Saturn and demonstrated that the space between the gas giant and its rings is surprisingly dust free.


Propeller Belts of Saturn
Bleriot Propeller Close-up
PIA21437: ‘Earhart’ Propeller in Saturn’s A Ring