Versio review: We know what you did Versio B.V. (Video Review)

versio review

This publication is to explain Lions Ground’s fans, followers and friends what happened with The official url has been hijacked by the Dutch webhosting and domain registrar Versio B.V.. From now on you can find Lions Ground at

On May the 8th, 2015 Versio deactivate my account in order to access the control panel and changed the DNS record of the domain, new administrative contact is R Bashir —the president of Versio B.V..

When you visit the previous url you see the following message in Dutch language: “This domain has been put offline due to an outstanding payment. Contact the company where you registered the domain. After payment, your domain name will become available”.

A self made error is the reason Versio did this, what is against all violations i can imagine.

Full Versio review video

This video will explain you who Versio is and show you smoking gun evidence the lack of professionalism, bad service, generating false positive reviews, issues between Lions Ground and Versio dated back 2013 and of course what really happened —the domain hijacking. Watch the review video below (subtitles available):

Case files are available here.

Now you know the real story, the truth and not defamation. Sabotaging domain names and putting a false statement, that’s defamation(libel), that’s blackmail. That’s against the Dutch law.

Versio believe their terms and conditions is the law. No, to be exactly Versio’s TOS makes them legally weak (Wet van Dam) and not to forget: Their TOS is copied! It’s a copy, the TOS originates from HostingXS. Don’t believe me? Open the TOS downloaded from Versio here. See:

10. Website: dan wel subdomeinen en andere

When you hover with your mouse over the hyperlink you discover they forgot to adjust the link, it’s linked to Few hours later on Twitter:


HostingXS confirms
We have indeed asked Versio to remove the link to HostingXS via Twitter and they have already removed it. It’s Quite possibly Versio copied our TOS; I have previously been contacted ICTRecht for clarification; Here rest yet a copyright violation to some extent (we have paid much for it).

What’s next?

Versio will be investigated from top to bottom. I will deal with Versio on a legal way, i know they will loose the fight. I know my rights, i know the law.

How can Versio prevent this?

  1. All hijacked domains must be online
  2. Who-Is record must be on my name
  3. An apology letter by R Bashir
  4. EPP Code or Authorization Key for all domains

If that happen i trust Versio just enough to close this case.

Twitter: Over 2,000 positive reviews?


Versio reviews debunked


This Versio review is made by the owner of, 25560 on “I’ve been 3 years customer at Versio and still very satisfied with the services purchased (Web hosting and domain names).” While doing a check: As you can see the domain is not active upon i did a Domain background check the domain in question is not in use at all. See:

I want to read your thoughts in the comment section below. Do share your experience with Versio below too.

Update 5/11/2017

This case has now been successfully resolved thanks to Versio’s cooperation.

  • Heart Whisperer

    Heathcliff, I am sorry to hear that you are having these problems. I am happy that you got your website up again. I hope you get things straightened out soon, good luck to you. Sorry these people screwed you over like that. It amazes me at how some people think they can behave! Makes me so mad! Good luck Heathcliff, I hope you win your case! Good for you standing up for what is right. Peace & love, Sandy 🙂

    • Thank you Heart for your positive motivating comment. I had to do what i have to do, because this joke is very dangerous for reputation. Yesterday they send me a message that i have to pay, they saw no progress and deactivated all domain until i’ve paid for it. This means they still don’t get it:

      • Heart Whisperer

        You are welcome Heathcliff. I can not believe they still do not get it. Sadly, some people will never get it. I do hope that you can straighten this problem out and repair any damage that you feel may have occurred to your reputation. I do not believe that you have any worries when it comes to your reputation for anyone that knows you, knows that you are a upstanding man. I have faith in you Heathcliff, you can win this fight. Peace & love 🙂

        • It’s really weird but since this happened, Lions Ground is performing better than before. I leave this open in case people want to read a real review not a fake story for financial benefit.

          • Heart Whisperer

            Hello Heathcliff. I am so happy to hear that Lions Ground is performing even better than before. I am glad to hear that, good for you Heathcliff! I love Lions Ground and will keep reading as long as you keep writing. Congrats! Peace & love 🙂

  • Jan Peeters

    Man verhuis toch je domeinen naar een andere firma. Maar kies wel een stabiele firma, ik heb het allemaal ook al meegemaakt zie je.

    • Ik heb even een binnen pretje: Twee Peters/Peteers in de aanval tegen Versio.

  • Jan Peeters

    The reviews on the Versio site are clearly fake positive. There is simply nothing possitive about the Versio service.

    • Hello mr. Peeters and thank you for placing your comment. I see you have experience bad things with Versio too. Could you explain with a little bit more details why you dislike their service?

      Domain names:
      I’ve registered new domain names at a different company. To be honest, the domain names are now worthless the damage has already been made. That’s unreversible. Versio is not collaborating to transfer the domains, i have to file a report at ICAN.

  • It seems to be that Versio is now a dog with his tail between his legs. They are reversing everything what they’ve done. Before that happened they tried to remove a review at by doing a false request under oath. However, declined their request.

    Twitter status :
    @disqus_lJ66roRWJk:disqus @Heart_Whisperer:disqus

  • There is a new progress. Direct communication with the president, he offered a small compensation. Which i don’t accept. See attachments @disqus_lJ66roRWJk:disqus .