More and more Americans are demanding that their government gives transparency about flying saucers. John Podesta, until recently, senior adviser to President Obama, the last couple of years unsuccessfully trying to figure out what the US knows about UFOs.

“My biggest failure of 2014,” Podesta twittered on his final day as a policy adviser to the president. “Once again we were unable to reveal the UFO investigations.”

The White House insists it has no information on this subject. Yet the FBI, CIA and NSA have released several secret UFO documents, suggesting that they are very interested in this phenomenon.

“High-ranking Air Force officers are behind the scenes, concerned about UFOs. But by secrecy and ridicule, many people think that unknown flying objects are nonsense, “says former CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter in 1960.

In the FBI archives The Vault can be found an extremely interesting document. The document, which here (pages 21 and 22) can be found, is aimed at “certain prominent scientists, military authorities and a number of officials.”

It is a letter about extraterrestrials and UFOs that has been sent to the director of the FBI in Washington, “Lieutenant Colonel [redacted] G2 (military intelligence) in San Francisco today announced that he has no further information and our Seattle office has all the information known to him and the matter further handles in Tacoma, Washington. ”

The document contains a copy of a letter written by “a former dean ‘different’ university degrees.

The letter states that:
* in case the FBI removes the document, a copy of the original document has been published on our Google Drive.

  • A portion of the discs is manned, while others are remotely controlled
  • They come in peace and plan to settle on this planet
  • The visitors look like humans, but are much longer
  • They come from another world
  • The disks emit a certain kind of energy
  • They do not come from a “planet”, but an ethereal planet which overlaps planet earth, and is not visible to us
  • The bodies of the visitors and ships materialize automatically as they adapt to the vibration of our dense matter
  • They can return to the ethereal world whenever they want and without any trace
  • They do not come from the astral plane, but from Lokas or Talas (people familiar with esoteric matters will understand this)
NASA manipulates photos to hide the fact that there are UFOs on the moon

More info on Lokas and Talas open up the book.

This is just one of the many documents that have been released on the subject. Why government agencies have in recent decades been interested in this phenomenon? What do they say? This involves more than one race? Are they physical or extra dimensional? The agencies have this investigated further?

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man on the moon, once said: “Yes, there are ships crashed and bodies recovered. We are not alone in the universe, they have visiting Earth for a long time. ”

And former NASA astronaut and professor at Princeton, Dr. Brian O’Leary said. “There is enough evidence that we have been visited, they have long been keeping an eye on our civilization.”

US government release document with details about aliens, ships and home planet

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