Mysterious UFOs Hovers Over Parker, Colorado Emitting Orange Green Light

Mysterious UFOs Hovers Over Parker, Colorado Emitting Orange Green Light

A UFO was captured by a witness in Parker. At 9PM, a UFO was emitting orange, red and green light, making unusual maneuvers. The UFO event occurred on August 9, 2015.

From August 2015, there are about 50 known UFO sightings reports made in Colorado. Whether the UFO reports are extraterrestrial related, must be examined carefully. Figures indicate that Colorado is a popular area for UFOs.

In the footage you see in far distance a UFO in the shape of an orb. The UFO moves slowly to the right. From afar seems slow, that’s deception. That’s because you have a wide view. In reality, it moves very fast.

“Sitting on back porch just after the sun set behind mountains. Noticed 4 round green lights in a line and 4 round red lights in a line. They moved away from each other at both high speeds and low speeds”, says the witness.

UFO Parker Colorado
Blue: Area the UFO was spotted

The witness was sitting on back porch after the sunset behind mountains. The sunset direction is West, South West of Parker. The blue zone is the area where the UFO was spotted, the red circles is the likelihood of the exact location based on the scenario of the footage and story.

The UFO In Parker, Colorado

“Ones zoomed off and then stopped and appeared as just another star. The four orbs became one. One red and one green, they would fly at various speeds and angles, many miles apart from one another.

Was able to get short video of one orb moving and changing from solid green to solid red. it never lost its round shape during this change or movement. The other orbs flew away at amazing speed and vanished. Just simply amazing display off ability to hover, fly at light speed and turn at any angle”, says the witness. Based on this story, a drone is not an option.

image001A similar story occurred in Harmonyville, Pennsylvania, on Monday, November 16, 2015. A husband and wife witness a cluster of approximately 11 orange lights, moving across the sky from northwest to southeast.  The husband is a licensed private pilot, and states that he’s never seen anything like what the two of them saw. 

Buckley Air Force Base

Extraterrestrial UFOs is still possible. Perhaps there is another explanation possible? After screening the area, I discovered Buckley Air Force Base, located 20 klicks, north of Parker. Buckley AFB has air operations, space-based missile warning capabilities, space surveillance operations, space communications operations and support functions.


Based on the story of the witness, especially the footage and similar stories, the story of the UFO witness is legit. What could it be?

  1. This is a secret test by the Air Force near Parker.
  2. Extraterrestrial UFO.
  3. Most unlikely, but still possible a “Hoax”.

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