‘Mystery’ UFOs with Bright Lights in Formation Spotted Over Goodyear

The UFOs flew fluidly, and would move great lengths across the sky in an instant, disappearing and reappearing

UFOs Goodyear

Goodyear, AZ – Mother and daughter were surprised by four UFOs emitting strange bright lights. This occurred on January 22, 2017, both recorded the mysterious UFOs.

January 22, 2017, the UFO sighting began on an evening around 8:00 PM when the mother and daughter were on their way home. The witnesses saw far distance in the sky four light in a linear formation high over the mountains.

“My daughter and I were driving at night in the dark when we noticed 4 lights that looked very bright above the distant mountains. Four of them lined up next to one another from right to left,” says the mother.

The lights remained stationary in the sky for a short time, then one moved slowly away from the other three lights, and disappeared and reappeared again, and moved above the other three lights.

“They stayed stationary for a few moments and then 1 would fly swiftly away from the others leaving 3 in a linear horizontal line before it disappeared”

The UFOs behaved extraordinarily that this can not be explained with stars, flares, or drones.

The witness stated that she has seen this before, We have seen them before in a dark night sky over the Estrella mountains to the East,” According to the witnesses, this UFO sighting happens numerous times a year.

In 2015, a similar observation was recorded and published on Youtube. Maybe more similar UFO sightings will be reported and recorded this year?