‘UFO wreckage’ is evidence aliens visited the Earth 250,000 years ago

ufo wreckage evidence aliens visited earth 250000 years ago

Investigator claims UFO wreckage is smoking gun proof aliens visited planet earth 250,000 years ago. This piece of metal was found in Romania in the 70’s, this reports Foxnews. This has been covered in the video below.

The mysterious object is 8ins long, 5ins wide and 3ins thick and tests at a lab in Lausanne, Switzerland, have revealed that the metal contains 90% aluminium and is 250.000 years old, claims Gheorghe Cohal, the deputy director of the Romanian Ufologists Association. Lions Ground reached out to all labs in Lausanne to confirm this claim, waiting for a feedback.

Gheorghe Cohal, told local media: “Lab tests concluded it is an old UFO fragment given that the substances it comprises cannot be combined with technology available on Earth.” Unfortunately he didn’t mentioned which lab performed the tests.

The mysterious hunk of metal was found by builders who were working on the shores of the Mures river near Aiud. The builders found the metal together with two bones, belonged to a large extinct mammal that died between 10,000 and 80,000 years ago, 33 feet under the ground. The problem with this finding is that the very lightweight metal appeared to have been manufactured.

Messerschmitt ME 262

messerschmitt me 262
messerschmitt me 262

A critic, a local historian Mihai Wittenberger tried to challenge Gheorghe Cohal and claimed the piece of metal is part of a fighter-bomber. To be exactly the landing gear of the Messerschmitt ME 262. The claim can be declined based on the drawing, which does not confirm this metal is part of this fighter plane.

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The object can be anything. Aluminum is a famous earthly metal. If the piece of metal is really examined at the lab needs to be confirmed. If this proves to be correct then this metal tells more about our knowledge about our own history rather than aliens, and we had been already been more advanced than we thought. Most likely this metal was used in agriculture to plow the soil, pulled by an animal.

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