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Send all information to us of your observation/experience and perhaps your UFO sighting will be placed in the UFO database.

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I, UNDERSTAND that by sending my attachment to this website, I am granting to LIONS GROUND, the exclusive right and permission to the same or any part of said media for any purpose LIONS GROUND deems necessary and/or appropriate, including, but not limited to, the following: (1) television broadcast; (2) radio broadcast; (3) internet broadcast and/or distribution; (4) press releases; (5) website use or promotion; (6) photo of the week; (7) print media; and, (8) any other lawful use of said media which LIONS GROUND sees fit. I hereby waive and release any claims or actions against LIONS GROUND for use of said media and agree to hold LIONS GROUND harmless for any injury or harm resulting or arising from any use by LIONS GROUND of said media.


  • Incomplete or suspectedly falsified reports will not included in the database.
  • Reports are posted with the initials of the witness (s) or anonymously on request.
  • Correspondence occurs only in the event of uncertainties in your report or when we wish to go deeper into your report.
  • The report will be adjusted as needed before writing them into the database.
  • Due to time, we are unable to conduct field research. However, the reports are checked for any logical statements, such as: ISS/satellites, lens flares/reflections, Thai balloons and planets/stars. Photo or video recordings are checked by our team for authenticity.
  • We do not guarantee that all reports in the UFO database is actually an extraterrestrial UFO and/or UFO. The reports only indicate what witnesses have reported to us.