UFO Rendlesham Forest incident ‘witness’ talks after 36 year silence

UFO Rendlesham Forest incident

A retired US Air Force police officer was asked to remain silent on the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident in Suffolk.

The witness, Steve Longero, speaks after 36 years of dead silence on the British Roswell UFO incident, the UK’s best documented UFO case. Steve, who served as a police sergeant in the USAF, was guarding the weapons storage area mentioned that the alarm went off.

“While on duty that night, we had a very sophisticated alarm system and everything just went off. And then I could see these lights over the treetops, and I was thinking, what’s going on? Then they started sending people out there and at first it was hard to believe, all these bright lights. It was hard to take in.Well from what I remember the lights, fluorescent lights, kind of a glow, like a reddish glow. I remember going out there,” says Longero.

Rendlesham Forest Incident

In 1980, two USAF Security were investigating a suspected civilian aircraft crash. They claimed to have found an unidentifiable craft on the Forest floor. The craft appeared to be a “strange glowing object” as they got closer. Penniston says that he was close enough to the object to see hieroglyphic symbols on it; he was even close enough to touch it.

Military personnel from nearby RAF Bentwaters, RAF Woodbridge, and the deputy base commander witnessed weird lights in the Rendlesham Forest over the NATO airbases, claims Longero.

Steven remembered that night when he went into the forest seeing a large group military personnel who had already gathered, such as Staff Sgt. Jim Burroughs, Airman First Class Edward Cabansag and Airman First Class Larry Warren.

“They looked like fluorescent coloured lights, like red and green, glowing lights and that’s what they looked like,” says Steve.

rendlesham forest incident MOD
MOD’s response to Rendlesham Forest UFO incident – Credits: Jonny Dillon

Steve continues “I could see them hovering over the treetops like an eye that was almost following everybody. It was real kind of quiet and this thing hovering over the trees, and you were like kind of tracking it and like ‘what is this?’. And it was like following, it was like watching us, that’s what it looked like to us.

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It seemed like something watching us. From what I remember it was like aglow, it was really glowing like a reddish, greenish light. It was really glowing, like something was really hot and it was just glowing,” says Steve.

UFO investigator Philip Mantle, who interviewed Steve for Outer Limits Magazine, said: “Steve does not claim to be anything special but he wanted to emphasize that there were a lot of others involved who were witness to the events in question, many of whom have yet to add their voice to these events.

The Rendlesham Forest incident case continues.

  • Brian Fraser

    The MOD’s response is clearly equating UFOs with extraterrestrial life or military threats. This is clearly categorical thinking. They are saying that the answer has to be A or B and that “none of the above” just won’t do.

    UFOs need to be investigated on their own right. And the MOD needs to stop insulting the public.

    What is the MOD’s expert and studied explanation of the Rendlesham incident? They only seem to be saying “Don’t ask the question!”.