UFO & Alien disclosure soon enforced: Top secret Wikileaks-a-like disclosure?

UFO & Alien disclosure soon enforced: Top secret Wikileaks-a-like disclosure?

We expect Wikileaks-a-like disclosure about alien intelligence according to the new ET docu-movie “Unacknowledged”, where secrets about UFOs and alien technologies is being disclosed.

According to the documentary, the truth about alien life forms and UFO secrets are going to be revealed that is hidden by the government and the media, writes IBTimes.

Bizarre secrets

The engine behind this project is Dr. Steven Greer, who has interviewed over 500 military men and government staff about their experiences with UFOs, aliens and alien technology that is being kept secret by governments and space agencies.

Greer organized a press conference in 2001 where 20 of these witnesses revealed worrying secrets and claimed that extraterrestrial intelligent species were visiting our planet.

In addition to all these testimonies, Greer also had contact with former presidents and highly acclaimed army and government officials.

Main reason

The main reason why governments keep alien technology hidden from us is that it can change our whole world, according to the film Unacknowledged.

Thus, oil and nuclear energy has been found unnecessary if we adopt alien technology.


Greer previously worked on the film Sirius, revealing that our earth has been visited by alien creatures several times, but it has always been kept secret under the pressure of a military, industrial and financial elite.

Among other things, testimonies by leading scientists and official documents showing the existence of aliens passed the revue.

The film Unacknowledged went on premiere on April 24 in Los Angeles. Check out the live stream below: