Pregnant Tyrannosaurus Rex may contain DNA !

Are we a step closer to Jurassic Park?

Pregnant Tyrannosaurus Rex may contain DNA !

They have found a pregnant Tyrannosaurus Rex in the United States. The residues contain the holy grail of dinosaur fossils: DNA.

“Yes, it is possible,” Lindsay Zanno told the North Carolina State University to Discovery News, referring to the genetic material may be present in the residue. “We have evidence that may be DNA fragments in dinosaur fossils, but still need to investigate further.”

Medullary Bone

The 68 million year-old fossil, that is found in Montana contains medullary bone, which is used by females as lime stock to create egg shells. This type of bone could contain DNA.

“Medullary bone occurs only just before and during the egg-laying period”, Zanno said. “Once females have laid the eggs it disappears.”


They analyzed the femur of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and concluded that the remains of the dinosaur contain medullary bone. The research is published in Nature Scientific Reports.

Sarah Werning previously discovered at the University of California at Berkeley and her colleagues medullary bone in fossils of the Allosaurus and the tenontosaurus. By coincidence they came to realize that they were pregnant females.

Tyrannosaurus Rex DNA

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