Lions Ground want to deliver more daily news and cover stories from around the world. For this reason we are expanding our team. If you love to write, the truth is in your DNA and have a lot of spare time than we are looking for you.

As journalist you have the freedom to choose which story you want to cover. The beauty of this profession is, every second a new story emerge on the internet. Your job will never be monotonous boring. Each story is different.

We have no preference where you come from, as long as you manage the English language. Lions Ground has only one agenda note, the truth. You bring the story as it is, you have nothing to do with other people’s feelings. People who have been hurt by your pure raw stories are not open for the truth and are automatically not our audience.

The author we are looking for is available from Monday till Friday that writes at least one news article per day in the name of Lions Ground.

How-to apply?

If you wish to be considered for this position and a part of the Lions Ground team. To apply for this position instantly visit here.

* please note: our reply can end up in your spambox