True Facts about Holland (Netherlands)

Facts About Holland Netherlands
Facts About Holland Netherlands

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I am a Dutch guy that lives in Miami, born in Lochem a village in the province Gelderland(East of the Netherlands). So this article was easy for me to write, but first i want to come back on the video comments people make that i am using the wrong map. A map where you see Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands merged together. They don’t understand the clue this is a video about facts trying to learn people about the history of the Netherlands.

In this case about Habsburg Netherlands (1519–1581). Netherlands region was part of the Seventeen Provinces of the Low Countries, which also included most of present-day Belgium, Luxembourg. To prevent misunderstanding I’ve added annotations into the video to pin-point the countries, unfortunately they don’t see the annotations.

Facts About Holland Netherlands Map

True Facts About Holland(Netherlands) v2 Video

Above the video true Facts About Holland(Netherlands) v2, yes you read it right part II. Due the age of part 1, facts has been changed for example the Dutch people don’t celebrate queens day anymore. The amazing TFAH part 1 contains general facts about the Netherlands.

Facts is…Officially It’s the Netherlands not Holland, Why? Holland is not a country, Holland only represent the Province North-Holland and South-Holland together. It’s not true the Dutch people feel insulted when you say Holland, facts is …they sing “Holland is the best ole ole”, in a drunk state when they are on Holiday in Spain. Another fact Holland is tolerated by the Dutchies, the lovely Dutch TV Host Linda de Mol presented the funny TV show “Ik hou van Holland”, meaning I Love Holland on RTL4. Still, not convinced? The Dutch people even chant “Hup Holland! Orange Boven Ole, Ole, Ole”…

Next fact is The Netherlands is divided by 12 counties, Zeeland(Sea land) is not a land but a province South-West excising out 6 Small islands. I originate from island Tholen btw… because The Sea land Bridge(Zeeland brug) is 5km’s long it’s included  in the longest bridge in the world top 10, 10th place tho! It is the longest bridge in the Netherlands. The Stormvloed kering(Flood Barrier) is designed to prevent a storm surge or spring tide from flooding the protected area behind the barrier. After the New Orleans accident the Dutch people have teach the Americans how to protect better from water.

There are 441 municipalities in the Netherlands, in 105 municipalities (23%) you can find coffee shops. Cannabis is not legalized but Gedoogd…meaning it is tolerated by law. Bad news for drugs tourists, since January 2013 only Dutch residents can buy cannabis at a Coffee shop. Don’t worry, they don’t give a shit.

The Netherlands is Queen-less since 2013, Beatrix close friend of the Rothschild family. One of the 13 leaders of the Illuminati …you know: The secret society that wants 90% of the world population dead. However her son Willem-Alexander is now the king of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands kept a secret from the Dutch people to prevent Euro-Panic, the politics confirmed end 2014 on national tv they produced the Guldens, a backup plan in case the Euro becomes totally worthless. Fact is, the euro will die very soon so expect the Guldens, Germany will do the same. I am curious how the NWO will respond on this, they will Blackmail this sweet small orange flat country like what is happening with Russia. Good thing, Russia is smart enough to buy gold because that will be our future currency to pay your bread. Gold and Silver! The Netherlands shipped 30% of it’s gold back from New York in 2014.

The Dutch national debt increases by 480 € per second! In 1900 the Netherlands was  642 Million Euro in debt, today € 467 billion euro in debt..

Why is Orange the national color of the Dutchies? Because of the fruit oranges. The color is derived from the famous William I who lived from 1533-1584. William inherited on his eleventh birthday the principality of Orange in south of France from his uncle. Trading oranges was back than a big thing.

The beer Heineken. Founded in 1863 and originated from brewery “de Hooiberg meaning the Haystack” in Amsterdam. Heineken is the best selling beer in Europe and has a market share of 10% worldwide. Heineken’s success is partly due to the strategy to bet on several horses. Besides its own beer, Heineken is also the owner of brands such as Amstel, Desperados, Strongbow Gold, Jillz and soft drinks like Pepsi, Sisi and Sourcy! Heineken has an annual revenue of 19 billion euros. Heineken sponsors the Champions League.

Did you know that the Netherlands the largest exporters in the world in growing seeds? Because of the constant innovations that are made and the collaboration between industry, government and science.

The oldest city in the Netherlands is not Maastricht, Nijmegen or Voorburg. The oldest city in the Netherlands is Nijmegen, it’s over 2000 years old.

What is the smallest municipality of the Netherlands? The Wadden-island Schiermonnikoog, with a lousy of 950 residents.

Did you know that the Netherlands is the first non-native country in the world that offered English graduate programs at the university? Don’t be in denial, the Netherlands is absolutely not anti-foreign but most tolerant countries in the world.

Based on the statistics the Dutch population will increase approximately with 1 million people in 2035, in total 18 million people!


The Dutch girl displayed in this video is the top model and actress Doutzen Kroes, the Victoria’s Secret angel. Currently she is married with the Dutch DJ Sunnery James in 2009 and have two beautiful children named Phyllon Joy Gorré and Myllena Mae. Beautiful names Doutzen !


Doutzen Kroes and Sunnery James  - Facts About Holland
Doutzen Kroes and Sunnery James – Facts About Holland

More true Facts About Holland(Netherlands)

It’s time to provide you more Facts About Holland, underneath I’ve provided over 31 Holland Facts. Enjoy!

  1. I love herring. The herring is a national roe dish. The Dutch consume 13 million kilograms every year, that means 5,5 fish per person.
  2. Holland is not the Netherlands, Holland is not a country, it’ s only the western coastal region of the Netherlands: Province North Holland and South Holland.
  3. Netherlands is the first country that legalize same sex marriages in 2001.
  4. The Netherlands is worlds expert if it comes to water. The US government turned to the Netherlands for help during the hurricane Katrina disaster.
  5. Did you know that 70% of the bacon originates from the Netherlands?
  6. The Dutch have a DNA combination that makes us the tallest people on earth. The average height of 184 cm for men and 170 cm for women.
  7. The airport Schiphol is 4.5 meters below sea level.
  8. It’s logic the Dutch have the largest Van Gogh collections in the world.
  9. 75% of the Bulb flower productions originates from the Netherlands.
  10. Netherlands is known of it’s massive canals, rivers and lakes. Over 4,500 km to be exactly.
  11. The Netherlands is a boring flat country, except for Vaalserberg, 323 meters above sea level.
  12. The Dutch are true coffee lovers, 140 liters of coffee a year or 3.2 cups a day. I drink 2 coffee cans a day.
  13. Delicious candy ‘ drop'(salty-sweet liquorice), the Dutch eat an average of 2kg per year.
  14. There are over 80 types of Drop.
  15. The Dutch used the famous windmills to pump away water and also to grind cereals ‘at the same time’.
  16. Rotterdam is the second largest port in the world.
  17. The electronics giant Philips originate from Eindhoven, that’s why the Dutch call it the city of lights.
  18. Heineken is the 3rd largest beer brewer in the world with over 140 breweries in over 70 countries.
  19. Heineken is less popular in it’s own country, only 50% of the Dutch population drink this beer.
  20. The Netherlands is the second among the leading 18 nations according to Unicef.
  21. The Dutch have been making cheese since 400 AD.
  22. The Netherlands is the largest export in Cheese, around 7 billion euro.
  23. Worlds best DJ’s are from the Netherlands: DJs like Armin van Buuren, Tiësto and Afrojack.
  24. The Dutch loves to dip their French fries in mayonnaise.
  25. Klompen is a wooden footwear worn 700 years by farmers, fishermen, factory workers, artisans and others to protect their feet from injury and keep them dry.
  26. The Netherlands is a bicycle country. We cycle 2.5 km per day and 900 km per year.
  27.  The Dutch beer brands Heineken, Grolsch and Amstel are among the most famous brews in the world.
  28. There are more bicycles than Dutch people in the Netherlands. Over 18 million bicycles and the Dutch population counts 16.9 million people.
  29. 40 judges from 17 countries who judged 2,500 cheeses in the World Cheese Making Contest nominated the Dutch cheese as the best cheese in the world.
  30. New York City started as Dutch colony called New Amsterdam. Many places names in New York remind of the Dutch origins of the city, such as Flushing in Queens (famous for Flushing Meadows), named after Flushing in the Dutch province of Zeeland
  31. Kim Kardashian has next to Armenian blood also Dutch, English, Scottish, French and German  ancestry.


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