Tilt of The Sun Caused By Planet X

The sun seemed a little bit tilted and researchers now think they know why: Planet X caused it.

tilt sun caused planet x

Planet X appears to be responsible for the unusual tilt of the sun, according to a new study predicted by the work of Caltech’s Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown in January 2016.

The orbits of the eight known planets in our solar system are all roughly in the same plane. That orbital plane, however, is not perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the sun. There is a deviation of about six degrees, making it seem as if the sun is angled. Long researchers could not explain. “It’s such a great mystery and it’s so hard to explain that people just did not talk about it,” says researcher Mike Brown.

Planet X

But Brown and colleagues now think they know why the sun is slightly tilted. It’s all caused by Planet X. This planet would stop at the edge of the solar system, about ten times larger than Earth and 500 times heavier than Pluto. Researchers have not yet directly observed the planet but result in the existence of the planet based on the impact Planet X have on several Kuiper belt objects.


The circumferential plane of planet X makes an angle of thirty degrees to the circumferential plane from that of other planets. Because the ninth planet is so massive and has a track that is slightly tilted in comparison with those of the other planets, the whole solar system is – with the exception of the sun – tilted. And so it seems from our point that the sun is angled. “It continues to amaze us every time we look closely, we discover that the ninth planet can solve a mystery in the solar system,” says researcher Konstantin Batygin.

Strange Orbit

The strange orbit of planet X therefore lies at the basis of the seemingly oblique axis of rotation of the sun. But why does have Planet X a weird orbit? That is not entirely clear. Perhaps the planet was in the past kicked out by Jupiter.

Our solar system had a fifth giant planet

We must remember, of course, that the existence of Planet X is still unproven. Therefore we must see it first. Currently, hard search for the planet. However, this quest can still take up to three years.

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