Mysterious Deaths: In three months FIVE Russian diplomats died under suspicious circumstances

Mysterious Deaths: In three months FIVE Russian diplomats died under suspicious circumstances

For the fifth time in three months, a Russian diplomat mysteriously died.

Earlier this week the 64-year-old Russian UN ambassador Vitali Tsjoerkin (photo) suddenly passed away.

Although he would be deceased at the consequences of a “heart attack”, there was a mysterious femme fatale involved in his death, according to sources.


The ambassador reportedly had intimate contact with a much younger woman just before he was found dead in the Russian Embassy in New York.

Conspiracy theorists put on Twitter that the woman with whom Tsjoerkin was recently seen was not a mistress, but a secret agent.

Are Russian diplomats deliberately assassinated? It looks like that.

Trump report

Recently, more diplomats and spies died:

In late December Oleg Erovinkin died body was found in the backseat of his black Lexus that was left behind somewhere in Moscow. Also, a ‘heart attack’.

The FSB agent was linked to the controversial Trump report about golden showers where CNN, BuzzFeed reported on.


On December 19 last year, the Russian ambassador of Turkey, Andrei Karlov was during the opening of an art exhibition shot by a Turkish policeman.

On 18th December The body of diplomat Petr Polsjikov (56) in Moscow was found. His murder is still unsolved.

On 9 January this year, the Russian diplomat Andrei Malanin (54) was found dead in his apartment in Athens. There were no signs of forced entry.


Sergei Krivov, another Russian diplomat, died on the day after the US presidential election in mysterious circumstances.

Like Tsjoerkin who he died in the Russian Embassy in New York, also to the result of a heart attack. However, that did not explain the wound on his head.

No coincidence

Some wrote on Twitter that the death of the diplomats can not be a coincidence.

“There’s an investigation going on into the links between Trump and Russia and suddenly Vitali Tsjoerkin dies,” wrote one. “What a coincidence.”