Thai actress possessed by GHOST during interview!

Thai actress possessed by GHOST during interview!

The Thai actress-model Thippawan Pui Chaphupuang flabbergasted July 9 the viewers while she got possessed by a cannibal ghost during a live interview on ThaiCh8. This paranormal experience is on video that is currently going viral.

It seems that this Thippawan suddenly got possessed by a demon. At the moment the presenter addresses her, she answers with a weird voice and behave like a bad remake of the movie the Exorcist.

The presenter tries to communicate with the ghost and asks why he is in the body of Thippawan. At the moment the presenter grabs his Buddhist amulet, Thippawan Pui Chaphupuang goes ballistic and talks gibberish.


Thippawan Pui Chaphupuang claims she’s possessed by the evil spirit called Pop. It’s about a female cannibalistic spirit that enters female bodies and eat that person’s intestines during sleep.


It’s very likely she wants to landmark her acting-modeling career on national television, a good way to promote yourself.

  • Heart Whisperer

    Hello my friend. It has been a long time! I just had to leave a comment about this lady, I just can not stop laughing! I have never seen anything so fake in my life!! Not only is she a fake, she is a very poor actress also! I still can not stop laughing!
    I hope you are doing well my friend. Much peace, love & light to you always 🙂