Teen discovered that 100 Maya Cities are connected with constellations

Teen discovered that 100 Maya Cities are connected with constellations

A 15 year old boy from Quebec with the help of satellite images, astronomical knowledge of the Maya and his own intuition unraveled some of the mysteries concerning the locations of Maya Cities. He has discovered a completely new city. It would be one of the five largest Mayan cities ever found. Writes the Canadian newspaper Le Journal de Montréal. Many people are impressed.

William Gadoury researched constellations and decided to draw a map of the constellations on the map of the Yucatán peninsula. He discovered that the locations of famous cities such as Chichen Itza and Uxmal match the stars of constellations that he found in the Maya Madrid Codex, a major Mayan book.


After years of research, he found that 147 stars of 22 Mayan constellations match the 117 Mayan Cities locations. The brightest stars are the largest cities. No scientist has ever found a correlation between the stars and the Maya Cities locations.

Gadoury noted that the third star of the 23rd constellation is missing. He looked at satellite images from space agencies such as NASA and JAXA (Japan) and Google Earth and discovered a third city on the spot where the third star was in the constellation.

86 meter High Pyramid

The teenager has called the 118th city K’aak Chi or cannon. In the lost city, which borders Belize, is a pyramid that no less than 86 meters high. The satellite photographs show for at least 30 other buildings. The method used by William can also be applied to the Aztecs, Incas and Indus Civilization.

“There can be seen geometric shapes such as squares and rectangles, shapes that can not be easily associated with natural phenomena,” said Dr. Armand LaRocque of the University of New Brunswick.

SOURCEJournal de Montreal
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