What They Didn’t Teach You… The Real Grandfathers of the American Education System

What They Didn't Teach You... The Real Grandfathers of the American Education System

Most children in America work as students for at least twelve years, starting at age four or five. That is twelve years of shaping a young persons mind, their way of thought and perception, and their ability to conform. The standardized school system, holding little education on sustainability, spirituality, intellectual awareness or thought, punishes non-compliancy from children.

Martin Luther King once stated that one main goal of education should be to save man from the chaos of propaganda, and to embrace the emergence of ones true self – authentically and intellectually. This is what the masses have been seeking for far too long now, being left in a debt of confusion and misinformation, keeping the young minds confined and uneducated to the fullest potential.

“Civics was a class that used to be required before you could graduate from high school. You were taught what was in the U.S. Constitution. And after all the student rebellions in the ‘60s, civics was banished from the student curriculum and was replaced by something called social studies. Here we live in a Country that has a fabulous constitution and all these guarantees, a contract between the citizens and the government – nobody knows what’s in it. It’s one of the best kept secrets. And so, if you don’t know what your rights are, How can you stand up for them?” -Frank Zappa, quoted from a Spin magazine interview in 1991.

After all of those student rebellions that Frank Zappa was speaking about, who would have had the control to ban such a class and replace it with something more suitable to calm and cage the revolting young people of America, as to ensure that there would be no more rebelling?

The same executive directors who have had the power of the educational system for over a century now

In 1850, Massachusetts and New York were the first American states to implement the Prussian system of education. The Prussian system was based on the idea of three key points: creating policy makers and enforcers, creating helpers and aids to those policy makers, and lastly creating common laborers. This system created and controlled very specific itinerary of what was to be learned, thought and how and when it was to be thought about.

In 1905 J.D. Rockefeller created the General Education Board. Thereupon the G.E.B. were a handful of tax exempt “non-profit” organizations, which consisted of the Carnegie, Mellon, Vanderbilt, Morgan and Guggenheim Foundations. Hand in hand with the Rockefeller Foundation, these authorities became the true grandfathers of the perverted educational system that we know so well today. These “non-profit” organizations working with the Rockefeller Foundation gained full control over the financial flow directed to all school districts.

The Guggenheim Foundation then granted money to twenty well-adjusted American History Professors, which was the birth of the American History Association. The AHA was under complete construction and control of the Rockefellers and Guggenheims. Meaning that this elite class of individuals who sought to shape the children of the Country to be loyal servants, had the power to dictate what would be taught. Every school text book committee, including the Scholastic literature copy rights were in the hands of the Rockefellers and their partners in crime. They were then able to censor and manipulate all of the historical chronology, soon after over-riding all of the past teachings in the U.S.

Jean-Claude Van Damme: "Rothschild and Rockefeller Families are above everything and everyone"
American students are taught a censored form of education.
American students are taught a censored form of education.

American students are taught a censored form of education

In order to have control of the population of the people, they had to have control over the entire educational system. This resulted in the revolution in which Americans became less intellectually educated and more manipulated by foundations who were now able to control what they learned and how they learned it. This system was based firstly on preparing young children to give their loyalty to the U.S. government. We were organized as children to become obedient servants to our Country.

“We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into men of learning or philosophers, or men of science.” -J.D. Rockefeller, a segment of his first mission statement

By the 1920s, the American people were fed fear by these large corporations and authorities in order to accept the concept of compulsory schooling, as developed by the Prussian system. And after the blind acceptance of the American people, all one-room school houses were banished, as if to banish free and independent learning and thinking.

Local schools were to insure compliance with federal instruction. All education departments of America had to erase their independent identity and ideologies as to forcibly form partnership with the federal government.

Written by John Taylor Gatto, in the three-tiered document “Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, Designing Education of the Future & the Behavioral Teacher Education Project”, he calls for the manipulation of Americans through the educational system to ensure that they would not be able to maintain personal power over their own opinions. This text was introduced in the schooling system between 1967 and 1974 as a training tool to shape the way people think, the way they feel and the way they act. It is stated in these documents that at birth all people were supplied with identification numbers, allowing employers to keep track of and use them when necessary.

The truth is that our educational system in America teaches us only what the federal government and the elite want us to be taught. Sadly, we are taught to be loyal and obedient workers to a large authoritative group that does not care about our well-being or excelling as the unique species that we are. We are taught to be dumbed-down, numbed-down and blind to the big picture. Free thought is not an option, as we must be controlled to obey. In the words of Pink Floyd, “We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control… “All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.”