Student (19) confronts Jeb Bush: “Your brother created ISIS”

Student (19) confronts Jeb Bush:

Jeb Bush, the brother of former President George W. Bush, who will soon likely announce his candidacy for the US presidency, was confronted during a meeting with voters in Nevada with a very direct accusation.

“Your brother created ISIS” said a 19-year old student to him, reports the New York Times.

Bush, former governor of Florida, among others spoke about the foreign policy of President Obama and the withdrawal of the US military, according to him has contributed to the emergence of the terrorist organization Islamic State.

The 19-year-old Ivy Ziedrich said afterward that Bush was wrong and that is the guilt of his brother George W.  that today IS is so strong.

“When the Iraqi army was disbanded, 30,000 people were unemployed, but they had access to all weapons. Your brother has created it, “said the student.

“We are talking about disagreement,” said Bush.

“When we pulled us out of Iraq, the security was arranged. It was a fragile system, but that could stop the sectarian violence.”

Jeb Bush has come under fire in recent days to lie about his statement that he, like his brother George W. would have invaded Iraq. “I would have approved the invasion, like Hillary Clinton, incidentally. And like all the others who received the information we had then, “Bush said in an interview on the conservative channel Fox.