Northern Lights Swooshing ‘Star Wars blaster fire’ sounds in Sweden baffles scientist

Spectators in Sweden heard strange 'Star Wars blaster fire' sounds on December 25 might been caused by Northern Lights which traveled through power lines

star wars blaster fire sounds sweden baffles scientist

These strange noise possible produced by the Northern Lights at Christmas has amazed researchers.

A Lapland tour guide, Oliver Wright, recorded the strange sounds while admiring the beautiful Aurora on December 25, 2016.

“On Christmas Night 2016, I was standing beneath an intense display of auroras in Abisko, Sweden, when I heard something that sounded like Star Wars blasters,” he says.

The sounds have comparisons with the “Star Wars blaster fire,” he said.

He claims that magnetic winds bounce with each other, he heard the “swooshing” sounds coming from nearby powerlines.

In an old Youtube video, someone demonstrates where the movie sound effect officially originates from, cables.

Not the first time

It is not the first time that this mysterious sound is observed.

According to the website,, people have reported the Aurora can produce creaky and loud clapping noises.

Aurora sounds is an inspiring topic and some researchers are claiming they are figments of our imaginations.

But some believe that the sounds can explain that electronic currents collide with objects such as cables, metal things or trees essentially, as a result, generate a sound.

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