Sleep Paralysis Demon

Sleep Paralysis Demon
Sleep Paralysis Demon

Just an ordinary day, you take a shower brush your teeth and go to bed. Suddenly, one night you experience the unforgettable terrifying terror. You have experienced the Sleep Paralysis Demon and that’s why you are here to find out more about the sleep paralysis or do you think your Sleep Paralysis experiences are just hallucinations?

I advice you to take your time going through this article and do communicate with me using the comment section below this article. By talking about your experience you will help yourself and you will help others. This article provide information, a video by the Youtube channel “ItsHerLook” where she shares her experience, what she have learned through this process and studies and evidence of this Sleep Paralysis Demon attack or Shadow identity.

The Wonderful ItsHerLook sharing her multiple horrific Sleep Paralysis Demon experiences

I am very grateful the lady without a name shared her experiences. What she has experience is far above my imagination. Underneath a playlist including all of her videos about this sleep paralysis demon attack. She’s not only explaining what happened, but if your go through all of her videos you also learn how to deal with it.

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What does psychologists have to say about the Sleep Paralysis Demon attacks?

Psychologist Christopher French explains during the REM sleep or the Rapid Eye Movement, your entire body is paralyzed. Maybe to prevent you for harming yourself while dreaming. We don’t know why this happens, but it likely occur if you enter REM sleep to quickly. Normally you go through phases.

It could be caused by jet-lag, drinking too much coffee or disruption in normal sleep patterns.This sleep paralysis attacks by ghosts, shadows or demons are usually harmful and never dangerous.

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What does the Bible have to say about the Sleep Paralysis Demon attacks?

Psychologist brand marks the Sleep Paralysis Demon as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. But the truth is the Sleep Paralysis Demon experience is absolutely dangerous, it’s abnormal and it’s not a dream but a demonic attack on you.

In order to make this phenomenon stop you must realize that you are responsible for making it happen. To make it stop you need to call out the name of Jesus for help by mind. Because Jesus can hear your thoughts too.

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What do i have to say about the Sleep Paralysis Demon attacks?

I have experienced the Sleep Paralysis Demon attack too. I know absolutely the difference between a terrible nightmare and a terror demonic attack by night. There are mental malfunctions versions of sleep paralysis, i don’t leave that option out. With that being said, that’s the only thing i agree with the psychologists.

How To Talk To Spirits

It’s absolutely dangerous. At the end of this article i have include a video that will show you how dangerous this can be. The second thing i disagree with is they are telling that your body is paralyzed. It doesn’t make any sense, because you can open your eyes and see everything happen. If your body is paralyzed you can’t open your eyes either. Simple as that!

The psychologist explained several things that could cause the Sleep Paralysis experience, such as sleeping on your back, drinking too much coffee or disruption in normal sleep patterns. For the 3rd time i disagree. I was not on my back but on my left side, head covered with a blanket. I opened my eyes because i felt something, because it was becoming daylight i could see the shadow on my blank wall. Coming from the ceiling towards me. It came closer, closer and closer a few inches floating above me. I felt the blanket being lifted, i heard a female voice whispering. I could not understand what it was saying, but it was whispering extremely fast. I tried to talk, i tried to move, i was shaking like a vibrator because i was trying to move and scream. I heard myself, i sounded like my step dad who had a stroke.

Top 10 Real Causes of Sleep Paralysis

top 10 causes of sleep paralysis

The Sleep Paralysis Demon Video

Watch the video where a paranormal investigator did an EVP session, just a few seconds after the Sleep Paralysis Demon attack on a boy. His girlfriend who does not have this problem have seen the identity standing near her boyfriend. This video also proofs that the Sleep Paralysis is dangerous.


After seeing the video you now know the demon, shadow or it is not an imagination but there is something present. The science is totally wrong about this paranormal event named “Sleep Paralysis”.

You have come to the end of the Sleep Paralysis Demon article. Do not hesitate to share your stories, drop your questions below in the comment section.

  • Vahine

    When I was in my teens, this happened frequently. I am now late 30’s and it has come back….same but different because I JUST found out, even though I suspected I was cursed or hexed, WHO WHAT AND WHY ALL OF THE TELLTALE SIGNS WERE THERE AND GRADUALLY WORSENING. Brief recap: dated a guy who was mostly a homeboy (we can not be together as a couple). Then we both got into HIGHLY DYSFUNCTIONAL relationships with certifiable mates. Randomly we would see or speak on the phone but the mates were CRAZY POSSESSIVE AND JEALOUS! We both attempted to end the misery but something kept bring us back. FINALLY, my situation got so bad I detached and let go. I had been w him a little longer then my friend had been w his girl and I saw him one day N asked was he still crazy? He said yeah and I am intuitive N a seer and I said ‘soon, very soon it will get so bad that it will be OVER’. A day n a half later he texted me ‘I AM FREE! You called it as usual’. Point is….ever since….bad juju has surrounded me. Hospital time, sleep paralysis like i have been drugged and can’t move or awaken. Falls, random illnesses, fatigue, loss of appetite, same tire busted in less than a week. Car vandalism….no passenger window currently now. Seeing shadows….feeling watched. Et al. I now KNOW this chick is seeing a different guy I went on a few dates w and when she saw my number she went ballistic. I had dude blocked but yesterday morn this time i just listened to Spirit and called him. Now I know. There is so much more tho that is enuf for now.

    • Vahine