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Facts that Secureteam10 is Fake, Hoax and Misleading

Do you want smoking gun evidence? No problem!

secureteam10 fake hoax

Lions Ground accused Secureteam10 of publishing fake, hoax and misleading content. In a 20 minute video is explained with legitimate evidence that Tyler Glockner has only the intention to generate revenue.

Why Debunking Secureteam10?

Producing or promoting fake UFO videos for money is not only fraud, but it has a damaging effect on genuine UFO research. Some researchers have dedicated their entire life to solve the UFO mystery, some even died. The idea they make revenue this way is disturbing and unscrupulous. It also has a similar effect as cointelpro, a technique used by the FBI aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting and disrupting information.

Who Is Tyler Glockner?

Tyler Glockner, 29 years old from Huntington, West Virginia Area. Glockner joined Youtube on May 24, 2011. His channel has over 753.159 subscribers and 179,691,997 views. Secureteam10 generates an average revenue between €15,000 and €19,000 per month.


On November 19, 2014, Glockner published the video “Giant body behind Saturn entering solar system,” which has been removed. A second character called Ken is the main character. But Ken is actually Tyler:

Tyler knowingly falsifies a story. We managed to grab a copy of this video, it is available on Patreon.

UFO Antarctica

Then Tyler claims that an alien ship is being stored at the South Pole in one of his latest video. Antarctica is more than just snow. You can find mountains, hollow snow and frozen lakes. If you rotate the camera angle on Google Maps, it is clear that this is about a frozen lake. You see this mostly near mountains. When ice melts, the water runs off the mountain until the water reaches the deepest point.

On February 13, 2016, Secureteam10 published the video “PROOF Of Aliens On The Moon Apollo Radio Transmissions,” he stole text from Reddit users and uses as his own.


Tyler of Secureteam10 has recently blocked the Twitter account of Lions Ground so he can answer Tweets behind the back of the lion ‘undisturbed’.

Former government scientist claims to have worked on alien ships at Area 51

“What the haters fail to mention is that I told my viewers that it was me and only for effect,” says Tyler.

A copy of the deleted video in question is available on Google Drive:

  1. He has not informed the viewers in the video
  2. He has not informed the viewers in the video description

Another lie Tyler.

“Its an unidentified object. Furthermore it looks absolutely nothing like the surrounding frozen water,” claims Tyler on Twitter. It’s not very surprising that frozen lakes have different shapes. This has to do with the shape of the land and the cavity. This shows that Tyler has not conducted any research and just gives it a UFO tag.


A UFO researcher tries to examine first to determine if the material is worth publishing, something Tyler fails to do.

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  • Michael Crane

    Funny, Lions Ground is chastising SecureTeam10 for making money and yet all over Lions Ground page here they are begging people to support their page. HYPOCRITICAL!!!!!!!!!! I THINK……,,

    • Funny you find earning/asking money under false terms normal.

      • Michael Crane

        You didn’t prove anything. Anybody can put a video together and claim anything!!!!!

        • Well no, I just let the facts speak. As you can hear he faked his voice. Here are some more debunks:
          – #Secureteam10 Debunked: UFO Fleet ISS?
          – Iranian Military Opens FIRE On UFO Debunked

          It’s up to you disprove the facts not just screaming around that I didn’t prove anything that’s too easy.

          He’s calling himself a researcher so I expect he research the information not spreading disinformation.

          • jmcc2k10

            Lion, there is no point arguing with fools. Even when presented with facts, they will still find a way to discredit said facts because they want to believe what they want to believe. You could show them Tyler making the fake video and they still wouldn’t believe it because they want to think Aliens are going to save them from their pathetic existence someday

  • Asmodeus

    You just changed his voice with a programm, pretty compelling evidence……… You didnt prove anything

    • False statement, I reversed it to its original state by pitching up. Audio pitching is nothing more than speeding up, meaning no altering of the audio except for the speed.

  • Yes I did but you are making excuses. He pitched down his voice so the only thing I did is pitched up his voice. You can’t fake a voice, you need to find someone with a mutual voice.

    Secondly, the moment he was exposed by Dazzthacameraman he deleted the video which can be proven by visiting the internet archive.
    The raw files are available here https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2glb38p_SXmQVFEaWR5eWdVOEk
    Install Audacity and pitch up the audio yourself.

    According to you publishing unverified content and publish unverified content with clickbait titles is fine by you.

    That’s why you are not a debunker, but we are.

    You and I will never agree with each other. You deny every evidence.

    “So please stopp trying to make others look bad when u also try to grab as much money from us!,” yes us? You are not entitled to talk for the people only for yourself. The only thing I take from you is your time and that is your own choice.

    You have no any sense of reality. Look in the mirror and ask yourself how clean you are. I strongly believe I am way more sincere than you.

    Again, we will never agree and it’s better for you to move on. Wrong platform, go back to ST10.

    • Jan-Sverre Fagermo

      oh really?
      Well how can u say your content is more verified than hes? and btw can you Prove that Every single 1 of hes vids are infact Fake?
      Ive also seen many videos he has released that is of older age in other places on the nett that shows exactly the same thing so i guess they are also lying?
      And i wonder By some of hes videos where u see People filming with their cameras in the Air and CLEARLY says “Oh look there what is that thing” and you See an UFO “unidentified Flying Object” With pretty clear sight mostly u say that also fake?
      And i dont talk for everyone when i say U take money from us I mean me and many other of the people whos watching ur stuff JUST like u claim hes Doing!!

      • Why are you avoiding this topic. First finish your claim, disprove my evidence, close it and move on to your next claim. Please note, I only work with facts and evidence, so record it on video or screen share while pitching up the audio file.

        Good luck 🙂

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