Secrets of your brains: Discover what this simple change can do

Secrets of your brains

You feel lonely and isolated because you think your mind is a product of your brain, making you unaware that the mind is more than just flesh and blood. If you open your mind you feel connected which can bring much positivity in your life.

Where is your mind or consciousness exactly? Scientists see the spirit generally the product of brain activity. But there is growing evidence that the mind is much more than that.

The brain plays an incredibly important role, but our spirit is not limited to what is in our skull or body.

That says Professor Dan Siegel of the UCLA School of Medicine, author of Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human.


According to Siegel our mind stretches extend beyond our physical body. Your thoughts, feelings, memories, attention, the things you experience in this subjective world are part of the spirit.

Siegel wrote his book because he sees so much misery in society. The professor believes that this is partly due to how we see our own mind.

He did research in Namibia, where people said their luck is linked to a sense of belonging.


When Siegel was asked if he felt at home in the US, he said, “We all live so isolated”

“In our modern society we believe that the spirit is just brain activity, which means that the self that comes from the mind is separate and not connected,” he added.

Open up

“But we are all part of each other’s lives,” says Siegel. “The mind is not only brain activity. When we realize this we feel connected. ”

When we see our spirit as a product we feel isolated. In order to change this, you just have to open your mind.