Secret Telepathic Experiments at Fort Meade by US government

Secret Telepathic Experiments at Fort Meade by US government

Almost 20 years the secret US Army unit along with the military intelligence service DIA investigated into the so-called psycho-energetics. This is evident from official government documents.

The US government trained under the Stargate Project an army telepaths at Fort Meade in Maryland. The telepaths were mainly concerned with remote viewing, the use of ESP to get information about certain locations. In some cases, they were also used to look in the future.


During experiments, the psychics were asked to go to specific locations and to describe them, such as a lighthouse, the national library of the United States or Stonehenge. The experiments were successful in most cases.

The documents show that at least 22 psychics emerged from the Stargate Project. Most of them have been recruited by Lieutenant Frederick Holmes ‘Skip’ Atwater, who had paranormal experiences as a child, in his own words.

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Saddam Hussein

Not only in Fort Meade they experimented on remote viewing. According to the retired army officer Joseph McMoneagle, who was closely involved until 1984 with Project Stargate, the psychics were also used during real intelligence operations.

They localized Brigadier General Joseph L. Dozier, who was abducted in Italy in 1981. They also they discovered where Saddam Hussein was hidden during the Gulf War, gathered information about Russian submarines and they were looking in North Korea for plutonium.