The secret history of the world and secret societies

The secret history of the world and secret societies

The greatest geniuses were members of secret societies and controlled secretly the world. Do they exist, those secret powers behind the scenes?

In the book The Secret History of the World describes Jonathan Black the world history as it passed through various occult, esoteric or philosophical societies. The book has become an international bestseller. He shows that many of the existing historiography is false.

Based of unique archival materials, all secret societies are treated in a journalistic manner. Include the age of the Rosicrucians, the occult roots of science, mysticism-sexual revolution and the Illuminati are described.

The secret history of the world and secret societies


With numerous data from science, religion, psychology, philosophy and historiography Black gets the truth to the top and he constructs a fascinating alternative world history. The influence of secret societies is much bigger than you thought so far.

The history of secret societies starts around 3000 BC. Black describes the situation in the Garden of Eden and Egyptians who took to him all sorts of drugs to get into trance, including blue lily, opium, poppy and mandrakeroot.

Black not only delved into Isaac Newton, the Freemasons and alchemy, but also the occult roots of the French Revolution, Napoleon, the Antichrist and the occult Bolshevism.

Mystery Schools

The Secret History of the World
The Secret History of the World

In ancient Greece were connected to the public temples called mystery schools. These schools were secret instances where the political and cultural elite received education in meditation techniques. Plato, Aeschylus, Alexander the Great, Augustus Caesar, Cicero, and many others were initiated after years of preparation in the secret philosophy.

In these schools they practiced breathing exercises, concluding the five physical senses, hallucination, sacred dances and techniques to channel sexual energies. Insiders who wanted to reveal their knowledge of the mystery schools to outsiders, were mercilessly put to death.

Two boys from the Ionian port city of Ephesus insisted on knowing what was going on in the local mystery school. As they climbed, they were soon caught on the wall of the building. A day later they hung the boys in the neighborhood of the mystery school on a tree.

Rabbit hole leads to gigantic KNIGHTS TEMPLAR caves


Black shows how esoteric, Masonic lodges and astrology played a major role in key moments in history. George Washington laid the foundation for the construction of the Capitol as president of the United States, astrology played a major role.

“When Washington had cast a horoscope for the construction of the Capitol, he was acting in line with the solemn tradition of Freemasonry which the history of mankind followed in accordance with the movements of stars and planets,” says Black.

Washington is constructed that the sunlight shines across Pennsylvania Avenue every year on August 3 and the pyramidion lights up on the roof of the main post office.

The republication of the book “The Secret History of the World” by Johnathan Black is available here.

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