Secret Alien military bunker on Mars (Nasa Photo)

Secret Alien military bunker on Mars (Nasa Photo)

A man from Canada says he discovered a NASA photo that displays a bunker with soldiers. Former journalist Andre Gignac discovered on this red planet a red dark spot on the edge of the Endeavour crater.

“I was told,” said the 58-year-old Gignac to Cryptozoology News. “A huge window is visible in the crater. Behind the window you can see a person standing. ”

He claims that the “bunker” possibly is in communication with an even greater bunker. “Not far from the bunker are missiles and structures in a circle,” Gignac said.

“There are already more bunkers spotted at NASA images,” said writer Nigel Watson “In some cases, the shadows and the resolution is too low the details disappear. There are also those who argue that the ESA bunkers are standing there. According to scientists, these were natural formations. ”

“It’s obviously a fascinating idea: people who live secretly beneath the surface of Mars and are part of a secret space program,” said Watson. “Such a project would be incredibly costly and difficult to hide, but many think that this is done in cooperation with one or more alien species.”

mars bunker
The bunker on Mars

Watch Phil Schneider’s (whistleblower) lecture”We closed a deal with gray aliens for alien technology”, this theory is not that crazy or Proof of Alien life.