Scientist debunks the Human-induced climate change global warming theory

Scientist debunks the Human-induced climate change global warming theory

Professor Richard Lindzen of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology gives more than 30 years lectures on the science behind climate change.

There is so little evidence for anthropogenic (human-induced) climate change, believing in climate change comes very close to believing in magic, he says.

One by one he debunked the arguments environmentalists use for their scare stories about global warming.


It is often said that climate change, according to 97 percent of the scientists is a fact.

Lindzen notes that journalists Joseph Bast and Roy Spencer have this myth debunked in an article in the Wall Street Journal.

It is often said that warming-up (and an increase in the concentration of CO2) is bad, and proves that it will be worse.

Plant growth

Incorrect said Dr. Lindzen. People emigrate to Spain and southern France, not to the North Pole. And CO2 is pumped into greenhouses to stimulate plant growth.

The UN was able to report that 14 of the 15 warmest years ever recorded occurred since 2000. Fake news of the alarmists.

The term ‘warmest year ever’ covers the period between 1978 and 1998 when there was global warming.

Nothing crazy

If 1998 was the warmest year ever measured, all next coming years will belong to the warmest years ever.

There is nothing strange about it and this is not contradictory with the fact that it’s the end to global warming, he said.

Dr. Lindzen notes that the temperature differences are so incredibly small that politically motivated activists can interpret in any way possible.


He further explains that claims about the increase in the probability of extreme weather are misleading. The purpose is to make these claims sound scary as possible, while often the opposite proves true in reality.

The sea level has been rising for thousands of years by a few centimeters per century. Melting sea ice does not contribute, says climate scientist.

NASA Denies Conclusions Of IPCC: Antarctic Ice Growth Greater Than Losses

There is no evidence that changes in the amount of sea ice have a negative impact on the number of polar bears. They swim easily more than 160 kilometers.


The image of a desperate polar bear on a drifting ice which was used by Al Gore, was clearly photoshopped, says Professor Lindzen.

CO2 is essential for life on our planet and concentrations up to 5000 ppm aboard on submarines and the international space station is considered safe.

It is definitely worth to read the article by Lindzen.