San Bernardino Shooting carried out by Craft International

San Bernardino Shooting carried out by Craft International

The false flag operation in the city of San Bernardino last week was carried out by mercenaries of Craft International, a company that trains US soldiers. This claims former CIA contractor Steven D. Kelley.

Last Wednesday Rizwan Syed Farook (28) and Tashfeen Malik (29) stormed a care center where they shot 14 people dead and 21 wounded. Hours later, the couple would be slained during a shootout with police.

Malik swore allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State (IS), as claimed by three US officials familiar with the investigation. Saturday, the terror group mentioned that the perpetrators were followers of ISIS.

Standard Uniform

According to Kelley, we are dealing here with a false flag operation. He thinks that for the end of this year more of these kinds of attacks can be expected, particularly because NATO is suspected to be involved in the illegal oil trade with ISIS.

“Witnesses who saw the gunmen spoke of were wearing three white men wearing black shirts, khaki pants and army boots”, he said. “The people of Craft International, the mercenary organization that has been involved in many other false flag operations, look almost exactly the same. This seems to be their standard uniform. ”

President Obama spoke Sunday of a “terrorist act” and said the couple had landed on the dark path of radicalization. “They had machine guns, ammunition and stored pipe bombs”, he said.


If this couple was planning something and actually was radicalized, would the NSA and the FBI constantly be on top, says Kelley. “I do not think these people have had something to do with the actual shooting”, he said. “They’re probably used as scapegoat.”

“If you look the pictures of the wounded, you will see clearly that the bullet wounds are not real”, explains the weapon expert. “The 223 bullets fired with a AR15, an extremely powerful weapon would shoot someone’s arm off and not make a few small holes.”

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“This was clearly a nasty false flag operation”, he continued. “The US government is very desperate and wants to disarm the people before the outbreak of a revolution. People wake up rapidly and be ready to shut down this evil empire. “

San Bernardino Shooting carried out by Craft International

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  • Maruf

    dont know what to believe these days

    • I understand, i don’t blame you.

  • DizzOU08

    Could this be the reason why Chris Kyle was killed?

  • DizzOU08

    There are photographs of Craft mercs at Boston. Could this be why he was made to be such a hero in books and movies? Does this have anything to do with controlled opposition?