Revealed: Danish vaccine company supports Jihadists

Revealed: Danish vaccine company supports Jihadists

What would you think if your vaccines could be made by a Saudi company that supports jihadists? It’s already happening in Denmark.

The Danish government sold its production facility for vaccines recently to a conglomerate owned by the Aljomaih Group, a Saudi dynasty led by Sheikh Abdulaziz Hamad Aljomaih.

The sheikh is also President and majority shareholder of Arcapita Bank in Bahrain.

Take over

The Sharia Board of the bank includes Taqi Usmani, who wrote among other things that “aggressive jihad even today is lawful”.

When Danish newspapers published in 2008 Mohammed Cartoons, Usmani called to boycott Denmark.

Yussuf al-Qaradawi was also part of the Sharia Board of the bank who said in 1995 at a meeting in the US state of Ohio, “We will take over Europe, we will take over America!”

Financial support

According to Qaradawi the Sharia law must be implemented in a new country within five years.

This legislation includes an end to freedom of expression, women’s oppression, persecution of the Jews (according Qarawi they must die), and cutting off of hands for theft.

Arcapita has granted financial support to the Muslim Brotherhood in Bahrain, as evidenced by a leaked report by former US Ambassador to Bahrain William T. Monroe.

Not a good idea

In August 2016, the Danish government announced that the Muslim Brotherhood is considered “highly problematic” and something they “strongly rejects”.

According to terrorism expert Rachel Ehrenfeld it is not a good idea to outsource the production of vaccines to a hostile country.

“Those who say that the Saudis are only interested in making profits, should know better,” she told Ekstra Bladet.


Almost all political parties supported the decision. Danish politicians have apparently forgotten that the Saudis boycott Danish goods after the publication of Mohammed cartoons in Danish newspapers in 2006.

However, the Danish government will buy all childhood vaccines in the next 30 months from the sheikh of the Aljomaih Group, and nowhere else.

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95 percent

Can a Saudi conglomerate that employs Jihadists as Usmani and donate many money to jihadist organizations as the Muslim Brotherhood be trusted?

Ekstra Bladet held a poll among Danes and 95 percent spoke out against the sale.

Even more striking is that the Danish government claims not to have known about the connection between the Muslim Brotherhood and Aljomaih, although information can simply be found on the Internet.


The Danish Minister of Health responded: “We did not have much choice. Thanks to this sale 600 jobs are rescued, that otherwise possible were lost.”

What is more important: 600 jobs or the security of Danish citizens?