Real Pictures of Ghosts and Are Ghosts Real or Fiction?

Real Pictures of Ghosts
Real Pictures of Ghosts

In Real Pictures of Ghosts, are Ghosts Real or Fiction- article you are going about to discover if they are real or just bla bla.  Knives flying around, a living room that is ice cold, tables and beds that are lifted, whispering voices or a cold gust of wind that past you. A proper scenes to belong in a horror movie. Yet there is more between heaven and earth than some think, at least if we are to believe the stories. But those stories come from somewhere, like William Peter Blatty based his story or a true story.

Who doesn’t know the following classics must come from mars. The Exorcist and The Amityville Horror. Known from the movies, yet this were not originally films, but stories that have happened.
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The Amityville Horror

The film classic from 1979 tells the story of the Lutz family who inhabit a haunted house. The film is full of scares and has everything to have a good horror film. Yet the story of the house happened. Lutz family left the house, as we can see in the film and if we look at the documentation of the story could really be true.

The film is based on the true story and the book by Jay Anson (1977). The story goes that the Lutz family moved in 1975 to 112 Ocean Avenue. Thirteen months before the family comes to live the previous occupant, Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot six family members and then himself. The family stayed 28 days before they fled the house.

Now this seems to be a blown up story (and perhaps for the benefit of sensation), but more information can be found at: Next in Real Pictures of Ghosts and Are Ghosts Real or Fiction

The Exorcist

The Exorcist
One of the most profitable horror movies ever made, this tale of an exorcism is based loosely on actual events.

In 1973, many people came from a movie in the cinema which made them sick. Many people fell unconscious from the images that were shown, but it was a movie. Much fuss was about the fact that the film would be based on truth and remained in the middle. A little girl became possessed by a demon.
The film is based on the novel by William Peter Blatty that came out in 1971. Blatty based his story on a true story that had happened earlier. In 1949 he read in the newspaper: “Priest frees boy who was possessed by a demon. ‘

In 1991 came a book by Thomas B. Allen. Allen is a journalist who has made an investigation into the facts of the phenomenon of The Exorcist. In ‘Possessed by the Devil “Allen told the true story based on facts. A boy was possessed by the devil and made the most strange things. Thus, the sliding tables, the cold chambers, and the likelihood that it’s true can actually be true, according to the book.

So there are many films released and many stories appeared that deal with ghosts and supernatural forces, but all of them are fictitious. Next in Real Pictures of Ghosts and Are Ghosts Real or Fiction

Unnatural death

It is well known in ancient times many brutal murders were committed to think of burning witches and massacres to celebrate victories. Many stories are from the past and would be a reason many believe that the dead are still in the place where they died. Many castles and old houses are proof of this.

Many people who have died an unnatural death is not the “light” and remain in our midst. These people must be helped to find the often light called exorcists.

People who are gifted or see spirits and communicate with them, in some places, people who are skeptical see spirits or energy fields (orbs). These energy fields are beautiful on pictures.

Ouija boards and messages

Ouija boards
The ouija, also known as a spirit board or talking board, is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0–9, the words “yes”, “no”, “hello” (occasionally), and “goodbye”, along with various symbols and graphics.

Spirits as humans normally died but didn’t found the “light”. Here we can distinguish between good and evil spirits. This has everything to do with how the mind was of this particular person. Evil spirits know much how to merge into the life of good people and they are called during a Ouija session. They answer the questions that are asked and take you into the grind.

Ouija boards is a very popular activity among teens. Teens are a bit tipsy and decides to play Ouija, not knowing that they can thus get a lot of misery on their neck. These people can not close itself and, above all evil spirits can stalk them. When you drink, you are sleepy or have a fever, you are also the most vulnerable for these phenomena.

Not only ghosts become present during Ouija. Some spirits have found their rest, but some come on earth to act as a guardian angle. This usually happens when someone lost a loved one. They sometimes give during a funeral a sign that they are there (people who are prone to experience this too) and will always keep an eye on the side. These are the good spirits that try to help and pass on messages. Actually, these spirits or energy fields are around us all the time.

50 Real Pictures of Ghosts

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My Ghost Experiences (video)

My experience begins with drag paralysis, paralyzed while conscious. A black figure female voice whispered in my ear. Than, Staying with my family in-law with paranormal activities at night, who is deceased in my family? And two unexplained events captured on tape.

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Final Words

We know pretty much where it’s haunted’ and this may even be in your home. Many more stories are known in Scotland and England. Probably has to do with much history. However, I want everyone who wants to know more about this, advise to take a look at the website of TGH (The Ghost Hunter). He is a Dutchman who is talented and can even drive them out. He has interesting material on his website.

I briefly explained what ghosts are, and I know they exist. Of course I also know that many who read this are skeptical and consider it as a story about zombies, werewolves or aliens, but this type of “fiction” I think this is very close to the truth.

This is the end of my article. Do you have real pictures of ghosts? Share them with me below! Do you also have experienced the paranormal than place them in the comment section below. Please do support my article and share it on your favorite social network or start a discussion about it. Much Love And Respect, Heathcliff!