Pyramid City at Fuxian Lake is evidence for extraterrestrial visitation

Pyramid City at Fuxian Lake is evidence for extraterrestrial visitation

Researchers found three structures in Fuxian Lake, China in 1992. Ancient Astronaut theorists suggests the sunken city was formerly an alien base.

Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest that evidence of extraterrestrial visitation exists in every corner of the Earth, but some say the most compelling evidence can be found in one of the world’s least accessible places, China.

China is the cradle to one of mankind’s earliest and many influential civilizations. The advents of gunpowder, paper, the compass, and countless other major innovations form the technological base on which our modern societies work. However historically, China has also had a policy of isolationism.

From the Great Wall erected centuries ago to the “Great Firewall” of today, China has long prevented both people and information from entering or exiting its domain. While China has long been a secretive and isolationist country, brand new evidence suggest that aliens walked among us in the ancient past, and may have been with us all the way up to today.

New evidence was found in the land of the Great Wall and the Great Firewall suggests that aliens were among us in the distant past and that they are still with us.


In a lake in the southern Chinese province of Yunnan, researchers found several years ago three structures that closely resemble the pyramids built by the Maya in America, reported the Chinese radio.

The archaeologists found at the bottom of the Fuxian Lake, the second deepest lake in China. The complex of buildings covering a total of 2.4 square kilometers and has eight prominent buildings, three of which strongly resemble pyramids found in Central and South America.

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Much more

The researchers believe that the buildings are 2,000 years old. They think they will find much more in the lake, because everything indicates there lies a ruined city below the surface. According to some theorists, the sunken city was formerly an alien base.

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“It is said that the pyramids are as old as the Egyptian pyramids and maybe even higher,” says writer Paul Stonehill. “This is an incredible discovery.”