What is it like to be a psychic medium – Annemarie Smit Explains

I am communicating with the dead

Psychic Medium

Psychic medium Annemarie Smit explained in details the true world of a psychic medium during an interview with Lions Ground on September 30, 2016. “They transfer their thoughts, that’s how I communicate with the deceased,” she said.

Annemarie Smit is a very normal Dutch woman of mid-30s. The paranormal has always been parallel next to her Earthly life. When she was little she stood face to face with scary faces. She kept it a secret, she managed to suppress her gifts until her 20th year. Tragically, she lost a good friend that changed her world forever. The two worlds merged together. From that moment she helps people and souls.

Psychic Medium

Annemarie use as psychic her extrasensory perception, third-eye, also known as her brow chakra or what people more commonly refer to as ‘the sixth sense’. Psychics are people who can see the past, present and future.

Annemarie Smit - Psychic Medium Paragnost
Annemarie Smit (psychic medium)

Medium goes a step further, Annemarie is able to make contact with the deceased. “8 out of 10, I can get in touch on request,” she said during the interview.

During the first meeting, one week before the interview, Annemarie Smit interrupted the conversation “I see a small granny standing behind you,” the Dutch medium said.

There was no reason for her to say this. Annemarie described the grandmother in detail. She explained what she loved, her character and her health issue.

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The Dutch psychic medium, Annemarie Smit explains how she communicate with the dead and how she see and hear them. She explains her scariest encounter that gives each person goosebumps. Annemarie give also very helpful tips for people, especially younger people, who are also struggling with this gift like she did “Find a psychic or medium you trust,” she said. But what about NASA’s UFO secrets and CIA’s secret psychic experiments? This and more in this super deep versatile interview. Watch the 77-minute interview below.

Psychic medium Annemarie Smit has big plans. She teaches, and is expanding her study material. This material will also be available in English. You can expect a lot from her in the near future. Do you need advice, help or do you want to request a consultation? Visit her website.

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