Proof of aliens and bio-robots on Mars you haven’t seen before

Proof of aliens and bio-robots on Mars

A 58-year-old man would have worked for the United Nations in New York, he claims to have found evidence of ‘aliens‘ and bio-robots on Mars. This evidence consists of photos released by NASA.

Andre Gignac says that on the photos, which were made at the mountain Aeolis Mons, life forms can be seen.

The former journalist says on the red planet a “dead alien” can be found and engraving of ‘alien’ faces and several robots.

“No one will dare to deny this,” Gignac said. “The photo of the dead alien is pretty shocking, but what about the robot?”

The man, who since the seventies is interested in astronomy, says that he has investigate more than a year the Mars images.

Are they Aliens and Bio-robots on Mars?

female robot mars
This would be a female robot (NASA / Andre Gignac)

“The original photo is very large,” Gignac said. “I had to make 12 screenshots of that photo. I then analyze them all. I zoom in on certain areas and if there is nothing to see I go to the next area. I change nothing, I add nothing. ”

dead alien mars
This, according Gignac the ‘dead alien’ (NASA / Andre Gignac)
mars carvings cignac
Photo of the carvings (NASA / Andre Gignac)

According to the man, NASA knows that there are aliens on Mars, but the space agency has nothing to do with the robots.

Has NASA sent these robots to Mars? I do not think so. There are aliens on Mars. I have made stunning discoveries. There’s more, he said.

Gignac is convinced that this has nothing to do with pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon in which someone recognizable things that they observed in unclear perceptions.

Gignac , who has contacted Cryptozoology News before, claims to have worked for Publications Québecor in Montreal and the United Nations Organization in New York and currently maintains a website where he writes about his most recent findings.

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