Presidential adviser: “American air strikes on Syrian military base was deliberate”

Presidential adviser:

America has ‘deliberately’ executed the air strikes on a Syrian army base in the province of Deir ez-Zor. Said an important adviser of Syrian President Assad in interview with AFP. The attacks killed 90 Syrian soldiers.

Bouthaina Shaaban said during the interview that there is no evidence that it was a mistake. The Syrian government official also said Washington conspires in the area IS terror group.

“Everything was planned in advance and IS knew about it,” Shaaban said. “Even Russia came to the horrible conclusion that the United States conspiring with IS. When the terror group were advancing, the air strikes were abandoned the same. ”

Not Against IS

When the air strikes hit at least 100 soldiers were wounded. The attacks were carried out by two F-16s and two A-10s, which had took off from Iraq.

Shaaban recalled that United States began the intervention in Syria in 2014. “We continue to say that this intervention is not directed against IS,” she said. “They are not IS.”

Direct Complicity

The so-called anti-IS coalition execute airstrikes in Syria without approval from Damascus or a UN mandate. Shaaban believes the US threatens the cease-fire in Syria. She says that there are elements within the US government, that closer cooperation between Washington and Moscow in Syria, are clearly not there.

Shaaban said Damascus’s determination to adhere to the file. The Russian Foreign Minister said the US attacks are “balancing on the border of criminal negligence and direct complicity with the IS terrorists.

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If you have any morals, then you know it’s not right. Nobody has the right to shoot at rescuers. Not the US, not Russia and Syria. America’s action is an act of terrorism, a fact for many that is too hard to swallow.

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