Police Raided At Multiple Google’s Headquarters For Tax Fraud!

Nobody is seeing that Google is being avoided by ICIJ

police raided multiple googles headquarters tax fraud

The French police have raided Google’s headquarters in Paris on suspicion of tax evasion. 75 financial investigators and 25 information professionals participated in the raid.

The newspaper Le Parisien reported that it is a very large-scale operation, where hundred people are involved. The action would be prepared in the greatest secrecy. For fear for leaks, usual internal communication channels were not used.

Police and Justice conducts research if Google France has done a complete tax return. The Ministry of Finance suspect Google France to have a tax debt of 1.6 billion euros. The investigation into Google began the summer of last year.

Google is also under fire in Italy and United Kingdom concerning tax fraud. Italy has excited Google to refund $225 million. The British have made arrangements for the payment of $185 million, but the problems seems far from over.

Dutch Sandwich

It’s not the first time Google makes its hands dirty on this type of corruption. In December 10, 2012, Bloomenberg published an article how this search engine giant avoids $10 Billion on taxes through a Dutch construction called Dutch Sandwich and Double Irish. We are dealing here with a large digital corrupt criminal.

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Panama Papers

Begin this year all media attention went to Panama Papers, a Wikileaks wannabe on financial leaked documents and journalism, while many people are not aware that this website is supported by Soros. Billionaire George Soros was largely responsible for helping aid the “migrant” crisis aka flooding Europe with an endless flood of non-Whites from the third world, funding Black Lives Matter and crimes that violates human rights.

When the names were exposed at Panama Papers I did not payed so much attention to the ridiculous listed names for tax fraud, but the names that are not listed. Why is Google excluded? What is their relation with Google? This is far from correct.

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Google's Paris Headquarters
Google’s Paris Headquarters


The French news website Le Parisien reported that the tax on Youtube’s, owned by Google, “advertising revenue” is under investigation. Google is guilty of corruption and has attempted to undo this fraudulent action by placing a bid. France did not accept the offer, “everyone must pay taxes.”. Tax avoidance is a crime, remarkably, ICIJ, the brains behind Panama Papers, makes a deliberate selection of who should be on the pillory. For some reason, Google is not one of them. Google has not yet responded on the raid.

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