Why people do not want to face the truth about 9/11?

Why people do not want to face the truth about 9/11?

Why do people find it so difficult to questioning the official story of 9/11? And why do they find it so difficult to find alternative information about the events on the day of the attacks?

“After nine years of research we can say that we have evidence that the theory of government is wrong about the events. Yet people have no idea that this information exists or they refuse to accept this information. The question is why. Why don’t people want to hear this? “Said Marti Hopper. She thinks it has to do with the impact of trauma.

Pandora’s Box

The largest part of the world is still suffering since the attacks of massive, collective post-traumatic stress disorder. The more we are exposed to terrorism, the deeper the trauma is tucked away.

“The ability to accept that the government was involved, is like opening Pandora’s box. When you open the lid and peeks inside, some of your beliefs will be challenged, “said clinical psychologist Robert Hopper.

Psychologists emphasize that man is inclined to protect themselves from ideas that are contrary to their beliefs. Just as the body has a fight-or-flight response, the mind also has the necessary tools to escape imminent danger.


“If we get information that violates our worldview, psychologists call the insecurity that comes from ‘cognitive dissonance’,” Frances Shure said.

“The truth about 9/11 contradicts the belief that our country protects us and keeps us safe and that America is one of the good guys. If the beliefs are challenged, it creates anxiety and it is raised a psychological wall that protect us from these emotions. The result is denial,” says Hopper.

If you really want to do research on 9/11 you need to change or modify at least some of your beliefs. In the video below psychologists explain why many people are shut when they are faced with an alternative view of 9/11:

SOURCEWaking Times