Paris Attack, The Illuminati, Family Rothschild and Charlie Hebdo

The Illuminati is behind the attack on Paris

The Illuminati is behind the attack, It takes a short matter of time before the wildest conspiracy theories arise after the attack in Paris. But the fact is The French President even says it on international television. What do we know about Charlie Hebdo? A complot by The extreme right to stir up hatred against Muslims. Israel’s Mossad is behind the attack…

Genuine? Fact is.. The favorite authors of all conspiracy theorists are also involved in the satirical weekly. Rothschild does the press/printing for Charlie Hebdo.

Quotenet found out that The newspaper Libération recently is owned by a descendant of the illustrious family of bankers, the Rothschild family. The news is that the Rothschild family owns it caused intense discussions. As it turns out in the aftermath of the massacre. It was Edouard Rothschild who bought up the newspaper Libération.

Another member of the family, Philippe Rothschild shared his story in Quote: “There is quite been some discussion about that acquisition. Some relatives wanted to block this purchase, because the media would make us into a political force. We want to avoid at all costs. We have nothing to do with politics, at least not in the front line.”

Charlie Hebdo took regularly Jews and Judaism in the spotlight with his Cartoons. Between the Jewish Rothschild family, the business owners and editorial independence of the magazine is a neat separation.

What are your findings about Paris Attack, The Illuminati, Family Rothschild and/or Charlie Hebdo? Watch the video down below and share your opinion?