Paris Attack Was Possible False Flag Operation #ParisAttacks

Paris Attack Was Possible False Flag Operation #ParisAttacks

The attacks in the French capital Paris may have been a false flag operation, so that the United States and its allies can bomb Syria longer and heavier.

A witness told the Associated Press that the shooters shouted Allah is great, in Arabic while diners and concert visitors were shot dead. “If someone calls God is great it does not necessarily mean that the person is Muslim”. “It may mean that this was a false flag.”

In the latest Lions Ground video a CNN video footage was featured, where the anchorman asked if it’s about a Muslim(indirectly).

A Muslim is labeled unfairly as terrorist, a good example, The Americans! Just look at the country where their feet are standing on? Stolen from the Indians, raped and almost exterminated. Once a terrorist, always a terrorist.


The US and France may blame the attacks on the Syrian government, to create a reason to throw bombs on in Syria. “In addition, much of the infrastructure will be destroyed, many civilians will die, and there will be just like 9/11 very overreacted. The Americans saw their chance to invade Iraq and kill more than a million Iraqis. ”

Iraq obviously had nothing to do with 9/11, but now you never hear about. Why is the media not questioning about it? Rhetorical question!

Terrorist Plague

On Friday, several attacks were committed in Paris, where more than 150 people died. It is one of the deadliest attacks on the French capital since World War II.

US President Barack Obama promised that the US is ready for the French government and citizens. Obama called Friday the French President Francois Hollande. “The two leaders promised to work together to fight the terrorism”, mentioned the White House in a statement.

Just before the attacks an interview was aired on American television in which Obama spoke about the recent successes against terrorist group IS. “I do not think they get stronger”, Obama said during the program Good Morning America. “We have them under control.”

Another Motive That Paris Attack Was Possible a False Flag Operation

Germany and France have strongly criticized the immigration policy of the European Union. The two countries thinks that the ‘European institutions’ decisions were not executed fast enough. They accuse the European Commission not to exert enough pressure on African countries to take back rejected asylum seekers. They also find that it takes too long before the promised hotstops in Italy and Greece come out of the ground. Those are recording centers where refugees are properly registered pending inclusion in other EU countries, according to a ‘voluntary’ distribution where the EU Summit agreed on in June.

Syria Has Recordings of Conversations Between US Military And Terrorist Group IS

Rumors spread that France wanted to leave the EU. Hollande said: “What threatens us is not a lack of the EU, but rather too much EU. Every time we give the EU more power, we again experience more problems”.

My Vision As European On Europe

Learn from the past: An eurozone government is doing more harm. The EU has shown only destruction. Netherlands spoke in 2005 in a referendum already against EU government and also recently appeared in the Netherlands, the majority (76%) don’t want an EU government. I think, this has been increased.

The NWO agenda clearly tells about an one world government. Europe is nothing more than a delusional creation, countries are fused together. This makes each EU member weaker. A slave to the dollar! Because if you do something not accordance the agenda, you will be blackmailed. They call it “Sanctions”.

Merkel and Hollande
Merkel and Hollande in European Parliament

Remember that Hollande have a good relationship with Merkel, a woman who helps CIA to spy on Europe. The BND helped the American colleagues to spy the French presidential palace, the European Commission and several European defense companies – including EADS and Eurocopter.

Reality check, We are rooster put to together in a ring, while the media are standing on the side shouting, to make us aggressive, to make us fight!

Remember the Thalys train attack 2015. And isn’t a coincidence the gunman was disabled by a group of three American friends? The Islam was labeled as bad, the Americans as heroes. But if you pay attention to the background story, the gunner is about a homeless guy with Islam background. Tell me how he found the expensive weaponry! Yes, this man could be dangerous. I don’t believe in coincidence, The Americans and the Terrorist has been put together on the same train!

How to fix this problem? Close the borders (You countries urgently need to help your own people first. Help starving families first!), Fight aids or cancer, instead fighting for interests in other countries you don’t belong (The more people live, the more money they make for your country in long term. But, i believe you prevent people being cured, that’s why you murder the Holistic doctors), No more politicians(It’s all staged), No more left wing or right wing, Let the people determine in a form of a voting poll what’s good for their country. That’s democracy!

Police investigators at the scene after the attack at the shop near el Houda mosque in Villefranche-sur-Saone, near Lyon
Police investigators at the scene after the attack at the shop near el Houda mosque in Villefranche-sur-Saone, near Lyon

The situation is escalating, which is quite predictable, Three suspects have executed a revenge attack and burned down Mosques and Muslim businesses across France.