Roman Brown’s Paranormal Experiences

Paranormal Experiences

At Lions Ground i have opened a new section named Paranormal Experiences where people can share their paranormal experience to help others. The first supernatural unexplainable story is Roman Brown’s sleep paralysis. I recommend to read the Sleep Paralysis Demon article with videos.

Let’s read the beautiful but frightening paranormal experiences by Roman Brown.

Roman Brown’s Paranormal Experiences

Well, I have had these experiences my whole life, but they became very intense about 8 months ago.  This may have been provoked by a possible concussion suffered during a sparring session, I have boxed as a hobby for 20 years or so.

Anyway, about 8 months ago I started receiving visitations.  Loud banging, babies crying, demonic music, screams of agony.  I did think it was a demon, the best way to describe it would be that my soul was passing through the gates of hell.  My logical mind insists that it is the over activation of the fear centers of my brain, possibly provoked by head trauma.

They are also accompanied by flows of pleasurable energies, electric chills.  There were nights when I could not even close my eyes for a second or two without it happening.  One interesting detail that is hard to explain logically is that they only happened at night, I could usually sleep when the sun was out.

Heathcliff: Your paranormal experiences are demonic, you should clean your house and pray to God.

After a while they stopped, then three days ago I went and sparred this hard hitting kid at a different gym up the road, and well, here it is again.  This time it seems to be trying to suffocate me.  I do not fear it.  It will not take me out of bed.  From within or from without?  I do not know.  Hostile or friendly? I do not know.

Though it obviously sounds dreadful, I also feel I am learning something from it, something hard to put into words.  Something about the true nature of us, of life, of God, of the Universe.  It feels very inter dimensional.  I am different for the experience, and wiser.  Anyways, guess I will get to bed, see what happens.  Make friends with it, that is what I try to do.

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