Osama Bin Laden worked for the US government

Osama Bin Laden worked for the US government

The CIA had enough chances to kill Osama bin Laden before September 11 2001, but left him alive because the former Al Qaeda leader worked for the US government. According to Dr. Kevin Barrett, an American academic who investigates the events surrounding 9/11 since 2003.

He made his remarks after US intelligence dozens of documents about the attack on the hideout of Bin Laden in Pakistan that had been released in 2011.

Dr. Barrett refers to the revelations by journalist Seymour Hersh, who said last year that the story about the death of Osama bin Laden is a fairy tale. He added that the Pakistani government knew exactly where bin Laden was and had placed him more or less under house arrest.

Lying at High Level

Hersh implied according to Dr. Barrett that the US government was involved and that Bin Laden was captured at least four to six years held by the Pakistani and US governments before he was slain. In the same period bin Laden would have been made to Al Qaeda, according to the revealed guidance documents .

“Lying high level remains the modus operandi of America, like secret prisons, drone attacks, raids by special forces and ignoring the chain of command”, said US investigative journalist on May 2015.

“We already know that Bin Laden worked for the US government”, said Dr. Barrett. “He was actually created by the US government and intelligence services to fight against the Russians in Afghanistan.”

Renal Disease

“We know that Bin Laden was treated in July 2001 by an American physician in Dubai, which is linked to the CIA, Dr. Terry Calloway” he continued. “He was there visited by the head of the CIA in Dubai, Larry Mitchell. This has been confirmed several times by many European media. ”

Osama Bin Laden worked for the US government“We know that bin Laden was treated in a hospital on September 11 2001 because of a deadly kidney disease”, said Barrett. “Bin Laden was an American agent. This is confirmed by many sources, including people from the intelligence community. ”

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The analyst concluded: “The most recent documents show, assuming they are authentic, that bin Laden Al Qaeda ran on behalf of western intelligence apparatus. They kept him all those years under house arrest, while he was able to do his job right next to the military headquarters of Pakistan. “